Profile of xms, pro player

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Le Profil de xms, joueur pro - mandatory fiche joueur XMS -

Presentation of xms:

Alexandre " xms " Forté started playing video games at a young age, around 6 years old. He is a former CS:GO player who turned professional in 2016 at LDLC then ENVYUS and finally Heretics, with which he qualified for the major (Road to Rio) where the team finished on a top 5/6. Now present on Valorant since February 2021, he aspires to be the best player to create the best team in the world, able to stay on top for years.

Honours of xms:

04/2021VALORANTAlliance1st-4thVCT 2021: Europe Stage 2 Challengers 1 – Qualifier
04/2020VALORANTTeam JBZZ1stLeStream Tournament
07/2017CS:GOENVYUS1stDreamHack Open Atlanta 2017
10/2016CS:GOLDLC2ndeSports World Convention 2016