Profile of Sia, Valorant pro player

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Profile of Sia, Valorant pro player

Presentation of Sia:

Siana "sia" Yoldez Matri is a professional Valorant player, part of the team Futbolist Female.

Originally player of CS:GO in 2015, Sia had to withdraw from the competitive scene of Valve's FPS in order to focus on personal issues. A few years later, the player chose to dedicate herself to Valorant and turned professional. After being part of Lux Nova and Banned Cat, getting good results in different tournaments, Sia joined the team Futbolist Female to participate in the Game Changers EMEA 1 !

An avid competitor, Sia is always looking to improve her skills in order to become one of Valorant's elite players and compete with North American teams !

You can find Sia on her Twitter account !

Track record of Sia:

10/2021VALORANTFutbolist Female9-16thVCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 1
09/2021VALORANTLux Nova5thWomen in Games - Community Cup
05/2021VALORANTBanned Cat3-4thHuntress Trials - May 2021
05/2021VALORANTLux Nova5-8thGirls' House - EU Open #3