Profile of rodeN, Valorant streamer and pro player

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Presentation of rodeN:

Rodolphe "rodeN" Bianco is a professional player of Valorant. He is currently playing for Team BDS, a team that has been often noticed during the VCT.

Before playing Valorant, rodeN was first and foremost a Counter-Strike player. He started very early, on CS 1.6 before moving on to CS Course and then CS:GO. It's on Valve's FPS that he started his career as a pro player for teams like unKnights, MADCORPS, eFroge and Exalty. But it's on LDLC that he won his greatest victory by becoming the French Counter-Strike champion.

With the end of the LDLC Academy, rodeN decided to put an end to his career on Counter-Strike to take an interest in Valorant. That's how he joined the Dfuse Team for a while and finally the BDS Team.

Honours of rodeN:

07/2021VALORANTTeam BDS1stValorant Open Tour France: Summer
04/2021VALORANTTeam BDS3-4thVCT EU Phase 2: Challengers 2
04/2021VALORANTOpportunists 3-4thVCT EU Phase 2: Challengers 1
03/2021VALORANTDfuseTeam5-6thVCT Phase 1: Masters