Profile of Mel, Valorant streamer

Each week, we offer you the opportunity to discover the profile of a Valorant personality, whether a pro player, a youtuber or a streamer. Today, discover the profile of Mel !

Profile of Mel, Valorant streamer

Presentation of Mel:

Melina “MelHssn" H. is a Valorant streamer who started playing Riot's FPS from the beginning, especially because she was interested in the beta key drop system on Twitch. Despite not being a video game aficionado, Mel was immediately hooked on Valorant and has not stopped playing since its release. Having never played games like CS:GO, she learned everything on Riot's FPS, from the feel of the game to the diehard aim. Her training and long play sessions have paid off, as she has gone from Iron 2 to Diamond 2 today!

From 27th September, Mel will be participating in the Game Changers EMEA Series 1, along with Chipsette, Camille, wizz and canhoo. The players have recently teamed up, having met a few days ago during a Pick Ta Mate organised by Maylie. We wish them good luck for this competition!

You can find Mel on her twitter account and her Twitch channel!