Profile of Maylie, Valorant streamer

Each week, we offer you the opportunity to discover the profile of a Valorant personality, whether a pro player, a youtuber or a streamer. Today, discover the profile of Maylie !

Profile of Maylie, Valorant streamer

Presentation of Maylie:

Melie " Maylie " Marceau is mainly a Valorant streamer, a competition fanatic! Although she is looking for high level on all types of games, she is particularly interested in FPS such as Counter-Strike (the first FPS she played) and of course Valorant. In fact, she is one of the only women to have won a mixed LAN, namely the Gamers Assembly 2018 on Fortnite with the Oserv Esport team!

Maylie is involved in the Valorant scene by regularly organising women's tournaments called the Pick Ta Mate. Don't hesitate to follow her on Twitter !