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Each week, we offer you the opportunity to discover the profile of a Valorant personality, whether a pro player, a youtuber or a streamer. Today, discover the profile of Le6lindre !

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Presentation of Le6lindre:

Cyril " Le6lindre " Le Cylindre is a French caster and observer of Valorant. 

Initially foreign to the world of tactical FPS, Le6lindre fell in love with Valorant as soon as he saw the alpha images. He then discovered esports and the cast with the first Mandatory Cup and decided to get involved as a caster and observer on various tournaments such as GLX Elite:EU, the Red Bull Home Ground and the Chibi Rouen 2020.

In November 2020, Le6lindre creates a weekly show on Twitch called 'Le Valo Hebdo' ('The Weekly Valo') which covers the French and international Valorant news! Later, in June 2021, he joined the WomenInGames incubator as a coach for the player Samsi. In addition to all these strings to his bow, Cyril is also specialised in data mining and the lore of Valorant, a subject on which he regularly makes videos on his YouTube channel.

You can find Le6lindre on his Twitter account !

Honours of Le6lindre:

11/2021 VALORANTObsValorant Open Tour France – Fall Tournament
07/2021 VALORANTObsValorant Open Tour France – Summer Tournament
05/2021VALORANTObsValorant Open Tour France – Spring Tournament
02/2021 VALORANTCasterChibi Rouen 2020
01/2021 VALORANTCasterRed Bull Home Ground
10/2020 VALORANTCasterGLX Elite: EU