Profile of Akytio, Valorant streamer

Each week, we offer you the opportunity to discover the profile of a Valorant personality, whether a pro player, a youtuber or a streamer. Today, discover the profile of Akytio !

Akytio's Profile, streamer Valorant - mandatory Akytio player file -

Presentation of Akytio:

Joey " Akytio " is a Valorant streamer part of MANE (Monsters and Nothing Else).

Although he was made a name for himself thanks to Fortnite, he is not afraid to play other games and is very versatile. From League of Legends to Apex Legends, including Rocket League and Trackmania, Akytio has only one thing on his mind: playing, having fun, and improving. All the while streaming, of course, as this is a big part of his life.

With his team, he has participated in various competitions on games such as League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant mainly taking the role of shot caller. On Riot's FPS, Akytio notably took part in the first Valorant tournament of Mandatory, the Mandatory Cup, with Gotaga, Mickalow, Nameless and Kinstaar under the name MANES & FRIENDS.

Recently, the streamer spoke of wanting to exploit his love of comics. Maybe a future show! Feel free to follow Akytio on his Twitter account !

Honours of Akytio:

12/2020Rogue CompanyTeam Akytio4thRogue Company Showdown (EU)
09/2020Rocket LeagueTeam Gotaga1stStreamer Battle
04/2020VALORANTTeam LittleBigWhale5-6thLeStream Tournament
04/2018FortniteMANE14thGamers Assembly 2018