Valorant Squad Bonus returns for the holidays

It's almost the end of year holidays! You'll have plenty of time to play Valorant with your friends between the starter and the main course while your family debates the latest news? It's a good thing, because the Squad Bonus will allow you to gain more experience.

From 15th December 2022 to 5th January 2023, players who play in groups will be able to get a free XP bonus. The bonus is 4%, multiplied by the number of players in your team, as long as you play in a group.

In concrete terms:

  • With 2 players in the group: 8% XP bonus
  • With 3 players in the group: bonus of 12% XP
  • With 4 players in the group: bonus of 16% XP
  • With 5 players in the group: bonus of 20% XP

This bonus applies to all game modes, including Velocity mode, introduced in patch 5.12. This allows you to play Valorant games in just 8 rounds, ideal for small play sessions.

This is an opportunity to gather your friends and progress in the battle pass or agent contracts. It will also be useful to complete the event pass2022 Recall , which will be available for the duration of the Squad bonus, and will offer rewards that capture the year's most memorable moments through gun buddies, sprays and other cosmetic items.