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Valorant Patch Note 1.06

Patch Note 1.06 has just been published. On the programme... not much. This patch comes during Riot Game's annual holiday week. It only changes small elements and the most urgent bugs.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.06:

  • Shotguns are less precise when jumping
  • A few bugs fixed

Shotguns are less precise

All the shotguns now have a precision penalty when used in full jump. According to Riot Games, the shotgun is a bit too powerful when used to surprise an opponent, including jumping over a corner.

This is just the first change to shotguns. More changes are expected to come in the next few patches, with no further details on what will be changed.

A few bugs fixed

The Patch Notes doesn't mention any major bug. It mainly contains fixes for player names' display issues or game history. Players whose Contracts and Battle Pass were not progressing whould get back all of their due XP after their next game.

There is no mention of the fixes brought to Split or Killjoy in this Note. We imagine that they were written earlier this week, before the developers address the issues. Yesterday, Riot Rycou announced that Killjoy could no longer place her Turret through walls.

We will have to content ourselves with this for the moment! Let's at least hope that Killjoy can be played competitively, just to see if she can change the meta.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.