Episode 5 of Valorant is announced

The fourth episode is coming to an end. It leaves room for Episode 5, Dimension. This new episode will notably bring an eighth map. This one, entitled Pearl, will be underwater and inspired by Portuguese folklore.

For several weeks, the official accounts of Valorant have been teasing the arrival of the new Episode, but especially the appearance of the new map. If no information had been confirmed, several indications suggested that the map would be located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Other elements indicated that it could be underwater, buried under a dome. The information is now confirmed, as the announcement trailer for Episode 5 has dropped. The map is titled PEARL, probably in reference to the gemstone that can sometimes be found in shells.

We now have a first general impression. This underwater wonder seems to be built around a central square, on which we find the famous statue seen in several recent publications.

As shown in the trailer, we should be able to know more about the lore of Valorant, this is the first time that we will be able to learn about the history of Radianite, via the Multiverse Museum. Moreover, it seems that there is a particular area to avoid, since the presentation video requires us not to go to a "place". Unfortunately we don't have any more information about this place at the moment.

More information about Episode 5 will be revealed during the live chat with the game's developers.