Team Liquid recruits Enzo, Mistic and Keiko

Late last week, Apeks announced the departure of its players without withdrawing from the Valorant scene. The players hinted that they would have some news to announce shortly, and they weren't lying. This Saturday, Team Liquid announced the recruitment of 3 of its players: Enzo, Mistic and Keiko.

Thanks to these recruitments, Team Liquid has acquired 3 exceptional players who completely dominated the VCL Polaris. With just one defeat to their name (against Gentle Mates during the Ascension EMEA), the 3 players have proved that they have the necessary level to take part in the VCT. For some of them, it's a return to the league, as Enzo and Mistic both played for Fnatic before moving on to join Apeks.

New players in a team also means a few departures. If Jamppi and nAts Sayf, Dimasick and soulcas left the structure in September. There's a certain irony in seeing Enzo replace Sayf when the latter came take your place at Ninjas in Pyjamas three years ago. However, Sayf has been reunited with his team by joining Vitality.

Dimasick and soulcas are still looking for a team. In the case of soulcasThe fact that he has been part of Team Liquid since the structure was launched on Valorant must make his departure more difficult to digest, when it took over Fish123 and ScreaM.

It remains to be seen how Team Liquid's new line-up will fare. While the team won the European championship, ahead of Fnatic, it collapsed against two American teams at the Tokyo Masters and didn't make it past the group stage of the Valorant Champions 2023.