Riot teases the new Valorant map

While Act 1 of Episode 3 was pretty tame in terms of content, it looks like Act 2 will be a bit more generous! Valorant's Twitter account has begun teasing what appears to be a brand new map.

This is not the first time we have seen this visual. It was also in the very first shot of the special video celebrating the first year of Valorant. Quite similar settings also appeared in the Act 1 BattlePass.

The map seems to be perched on top of a rocky plateau, in a tropical or at least arid area. It also seems to be surrounded by concrete walls that clash a bit with the environment, like a kind of military enclosure built in a hurry.

We don't know much more at the moment, but it's at least a near-confirmation that this map should arrive with the next patch! Will it be accompanied by the Agent that we also saw in the anniversary video? It's a mystery.