Valorant patch notes 6.11

A fortnight ago, patch 6.10 brought few changes to Valorant, apart from a spray wheel. This 6.11 patch, as for it, is far more substantial. Not only have the developers revised the operation of several weapons, they have also modified the use of certain Viper and Chamber abilities. In addition, Riot Games is taking advantage of this new update to implement several changes to Pearl, recently tested via the PBE.

Key points to remember about this 6.11 patch

  • Rework by Pearl
  • Nerf of Viper and Buff of Chamber
  • Shorty nerf and Frenzy adjustment
  • Vandal and Phantom bullet reserves are reduced

Some changes to Pearl

We know about the existence of changes to Pearl since the end of May. From the ramp to the hall, from the screen to the main pillar, Site B is getting a fresh look with this new patch.

  • Changes made to the Ramp B zone:

As we saw earlier, the ramp area has been completely reworked. The central element has changed shape and size, while the nook in the building has been removed. These changes are not insignificant, as they will most likely revolutionise the way in which Site B is attacked; at least that's the developers' objective.

Pearl Change - B Ramp - Front - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - B Ramp - After - Patch 6.11
  • Changes made to the Screen B area:

Here, the developers have chosen to reduce the height of the screen in favour of making it wider. The idea is to create a more useful shelter for the Defenders. What's more, while it used to be possible to shoot across the entire surface of this screen, this is no longer the case: the portion to which the crate is stuck cannot be wallbanged. Note also that the screen is now closer to the Ramp, so that utilities such as Sage's wall or Brimstone's smoke are more effective.

Pearl change - Screen B - Front - Patch 6.11
Change Pearl - Screen B - After - Patch 6.11
  • Changes made to Hall B zone:

Defenders now have a new recess to hold the long line of sight on the Ramp or Connector. This should make it easier for them to deal with an enemy push.

Pearl Change - Hall B - Avant - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - Hall B - After - Patch 6.11
  • Changes made to the Pillar zone on site B :

The size of the Site B pillar has been adjusted to make the playing area a little larger. In doing so, the developers have provided a more useful hiding place for Defenders who might be cornered by Attackers from the ramp.

Pearl Change - B Pillar - Front - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - B Pillar - After - Patch 6.11

Agents update

About Viper

Portrait of Viper

The changes made to Viper are designed to reduce her influence over the course of a game, but also to lessen the impact she has on the opposition's vision when Harbor is also in her team. They should force players to use her abilities more carefully and sparingly. It's the regeneration of poison who was in the crosshairs:

  • Regeneration per second has been reduced from 5% to 3.3%,
  • As a result, the time taken to completely fill an empty tank has increased. Where it used to take 20 seconds, it now takes 30 seconds.

About Chamber

Portrait of Chamber

Since the major nerfs he suffered with patch 5.12, Chamber is no longer omnipresent. Thanks to some interesting new changes, the developers hope to strengthen his ability to roam the map.

The equipment duration of the Rendezvous ability at teleportation exit has been completely removed. In addition, the Tour de Force rate has been readjusted, as it is now considered too low. It has been increased by 15%. As for Trademark, the team in charge of characters has reviewed its deactivation range and the trap arm speed:

  • Disable range increased: 4000 >>> 5000,
  • Trap arm speed: 4 seconds >> 2 seconds,

Other Agent-related changes

  • The visual warnings have been updated to show more clearly the area of effect of Rolling Thunder, Breach's ultimate. You should be better able to judge whether you're going to be hit or not.
  • Yoru's Fakeout is now visually affected when hit by stunning abilities.
  • The replica of Omen's From the Shadows ability triggers faster to improve perception.
  • The movements of Sova's cape have been updated and made more fluid. The idea here was to keep it close to his body so that he doesn't reveal his position to enemies.
  • The trajectory code for projectiles that behave like grenades has been refined. This applies in particular to Sova's Shock Dart and Recon Bolt, and Brimstone's Incendiary.

Weapons update

About the precision of weapons on ropes

  • The minimum dispersion on ropes has been increased to 65% of dispersion while walking. This change does not affect sniper rifles or shotguns. The effect on the affected weapons is shown below:
    • Rifles: 0.8 >>> 1.3
    • Classic: 0.35 >>> 0.55
    • Frenzy: 0.35 >>> 0.52
    • Ghost: 0.35 >>> 0.6
    • Sheriff: 0.35 >>> 0.78
    • Sub-machine guns: 0.3 >>> 0.65
  • The dispersion on the ropes when walking and running was increased to match that when walking and running on the ground.

About recoil

  • Multiplier for vertical recoil while firing on the run:
    • Phantom: 1.5 >>> 1.8
    • Spectrum: 1.5 >>> 1.8
    • Vandal: 1.5 >>> 1.8
    • Frenzy: 1.25 >>> 1.5

Frenzy nerf

The developers were particularly concerned about the effectiveness of the Frenzy. The changes made should restore it to its role as a "close-range weapon", as initially envisaged by the studio.

  • The minimum dispersion has been increased: 0.45 >>> 0.65
  • Adjustment of the spread curve
    • Maximum spread is reached with 5 balls instead of 6.
  • Recoil pitch curve
    • The maximum recoil is reached with 5 bullets instead of 6. The total recoil has been reduced to compensate.

Shorty nerf

With this nerf, the developers hope to make the use of this weapon more complicated, and therefore fairer.

  • The ammunition reserve has been adjusted: 10 >>> 6
  • The price has been increased: 150 >>> 300
  • Damage at no fall-off: 12 >>> 11
  • Damage at first step fall-off (7 metres) has been reduced: 8 >>> 6

About Vandal and Phantom

With the old bullet reserves, the developers found that players often took the liberty of shooting through walls and smoke bombs. "just in case". By reducing the number of bullets available, they hope to force players to think more carefully before making this kind of shots.

  • The Phantom's ammunition reserve has been adjusted: 90 >>> 60
  • The Vandal's ammunition reserve has been adjusted: 75 >>> 50

The developers are also taking advantage of this update to fix a number of known bugs. The full 6.11 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 6th to Wednesday 7th June 2023.