Valorant Patch Notes 6.06

Since his appearance in Valorant with the 6.04 patch, Gekko is in the developers' sights. The previous update, 6.05, mainly focused on visual and sound improvements, while this patch 6.06 modifies some of his abilities. Riot Games is also taking advantage of this patch to fix a few other bugs reported by players.

Key points to remember about this patch 6.06

  • Changes to Mosh Pit and Wingman skills
  • Visual improvement on Lotus
  • Possibility to hide the outline of the agents

Changes to Gekko

  • Concerning Mosh Pit :

Mosh Pit damage to objects was not consistent with similar skills, such as KAY/O's FRAG/ment or Breach's Replica. As a result, damage to objects has been reduced from from x2.5 to x1.

  • Concerning Wingman :

Wingman sees one of its main assets disappear. Until now, he could continue to land or defuse the Spike even if his launcher and teammates had all been eliminated. Now, however, it can't, Altego will always die if it is the last one alive.

Map updates

The developers have updated the visual effects of the destruction of the door between the Connector A and the Main A, to make it easier to see through the falling debris.

Game system updates

If you were sometimes annoyed by the outlines of agents in your games, you'll be pleased to know that a new option will change your life. From now on, you will be able to hide the outlines and the Fresnel effect of the agents (the coloured outline of the agents). This option can be found in the Settings tab, then the General menu and finally in the Other sub-heading.

The complete 6.06 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 28th March to Wednesday 29th March 2023.