Valorant Patch Notes 6.05

Gekko appeared in Valorant last week with the 6.04 patch. This update 6.05 is not very substantial. It focuses mainly on the new Agent by improving the visual and sound effects of his abilities.

Key points to remember about this 6.05 patch

  • Visual and sound changes related to Gekko
  • Fixing bugs in Gekko

Changes to Gekko

  • Concerning Wingman :

Wingman targeting has been improved so that you can target landing zones or spikes at higher locations.

  • Concerning visual effects :

The developers have added visual effects during the recovery of Gekko's globules and at the end of the recovery. In addition, the visuals of enemy globules have been improved.

  • Concerning sound effects :

Audio variants for Mosh Pit explosions have been added. The studio is also taking advantage of this patch to improve the sound effects of Dizzy's plasma shots so that you can more easily tell if they're coming at you or an ally.

Bug fixes related to Gekko

General corrections

  • Fixed a bug where the Allied Gekko's globules were white outside of custom games in Replication mode.
  • Fixed several animation issues on all its abilities.
  • Fixed the interface for Gekko's ultimate so that it no longer stays on the screen if the round ended while you're possessing Trash.
  • Fixed a bug where Gekko could no longer land his spike, in Spike Rush mode, if Wingman was interrupted while he was landing the spike.

Corrections to Altego

  • Fixed a bug where melee weapons could not deal damage to Wingman.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman could no longer defuse the spike when using the Switch Team command during a custom game.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman could run too far when you asked him to land the spike from the air.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman's torso did not trigger Cypher's Trigger Wire.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong animation was played when launching Wingman.

Correction regarding Mosh's Pit

  • Fixed a bug where Mosh's Pit damage could be avoided by jumping in a crouch.

The complete 6.05 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 14th March to Wednesday 14th March 2023.