Valorant Patch Notes 6.04

The 6.03 patch focused on Raze and Killjoy, as well as confirming that Velocity mode would be maintained. This new 6.04 update fixes a few bugs to make the player experience more enjoyable. More importantly, this patch adds the new Agent Gekko in Valorant.

Key points to remember about this 6.04 patch

  • Gekko joins Valorant Protocol
  • Bug fixes

Gekko joins Valorant Protocol

Gekko is a young American born in Los Angeles. He is particularly dynamic and sporty. He loves bright colours and bubble-tea, but he likes his little companions even more! To fight, he uses various creatures, which we suggest you discover through our article dedicated to Gekko's abilities.

Bug fixes

  • Concerning Agents: Fixed a bug where the damage dealt to Sage's wall during the fortification period was cancelled once the fortification was complete.
  • Regarding the game systems: Fixed a bug where, on Lotus, certain abilities pushed by doors on other players, such as Sova's Drone, could continue to push those players even after the doors had stopped or left the doors' range.
  • Regarding performance: Fixed jerks that occurred when a game mode-specific interface loaded as blocks at game launch.

The complete 6.04 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 7th March to Wednesday 8th March 2023.