Valorant Patch Notes 6.02

The patch 6.02 of Valorant comes to apply a nerf to the Stinger which has dominated the weather far too much since its last buff. It also contains Lotus adjustments before its arrival in official competitions and some minor corrections.

Key points to remember about this 6.02 patch:

  • Nerfs to the Stinger
  • Changes to Lotus
  • Adjustment of max server rewind
  • RVE extended to North America
  • Some nice bug fixes

Nerfs to the Stinger

The Stinger had become far too strong for its price, so that it could compete with higher tier weapons or be purchased in conjunction with heavy armour from round 2. The weapon's price is increased and its range damage is changed.

  • Price: 950 -> 1100 credits
  • Bullet damage : 27 (from 0 to 20 metres) -> 27 (from 0 to 15 metres)
  • Bullet damage : 27 (from 0 to 15 metres) -> 23 (over 15 metres)

Changes to Lotus

Lotus has been available for a month on the official server, but has not yet been played in competition. Before that happens and the arrival of the LOCK//IN Brazil, Riot Games is making some adjustments.

  • Players will no longer make noise when dropping from the Site B platform to the fountain.
  • The volume of the doors has been reduced. It had already been reduced once in patch 6.01.
  • Collisions between players when rotating a door have been improved so that everyone doesn't jostle each other as much.
  • Players who were stuck at a rotating gate will no longer be on the wrong side of the Site C barrier at the start of the next round.

Adjustment of max server rewind

In Valorant, when you shoot at an opponent, there is necessarily a delay before the server takes this shot into account. That's why the server rewinds the game after each shot to check if, from the point of view of the player who shot, they have hit their opponent.

Until now, the server rewound by 200 milliseconds. Now the server rewinds by 140ms.

So you should potentially find that you hit fewer targets, if your connection is not the best, but it should make the game much more accurate overall.

RVE extended to North America

RVE (Riot Voice Evaluation) is Riot Games' new voice chat moderation system. Since July 2022, this system has been in beta on very localised areas and games. Testing has now been extended to the English language throughout the US.

This is not yet Europe, especially as the project will be much more complicated to implement given the number of languages spoken, but also the accents.

Some nice bug fixes

Many small bugs in the Agents' abilities have been fixed. In particular with Raze's Boom Bot. It now tracks its targets better, without getting stuck in walls, and can even jump to clear raised ledges.

Cypher's Neural Theft now continues to function normally, even if Cypher is killed while active. The bug was even interrupting future uses of Neural Theft in subsequent rounds, but this is no longer the case.

There are some additional bugs and small adjustments. The full 6.02 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 7th February to Wednesday 8th February 2023.