Valorant Patch Notes 6.01

The very first patch of the year, patch 6.00, brings some changes to Split, but most importantly the ninth map Lotus. This update 6.01, is less significant and only fixes a few bugs in Valorant.

Key points to remember about this 6.01 patch:

  • Bug fixes
  • Adding Lotus to the competitive map pool
  • Removing Replication Mode

Bug fixes and other updates

Corrections made on Lotus

It is now just over a week since the ninth map of Valorant has been unveiled to the community. Lotus was available in a dedicated selection until today. This particular queue has been removed, and the map has been added to the map-pool of the Competitive and Unrated modes. In addition, the volume of the rotating doors has been reduced during rotation.

During the week of testing, players reported various problems with Lotus. The developers are taking advantage of this 6.01 patch to fix some of them:

  • An exploitable bug to climb on the back of Site B has been removed. 
  • Players can no longer get stuck in the rotating doors.
  • Breach can now use his abilities on both rotating doors. 
  • The destructible door of Connector A now has functional vision cones. 
  • The spike can no longer be lost at the back of Site A. 
  • Fixed a Site A location where it was impossible to plant the spike.

Corrections to the game

A few other corrections have been made to various problems reported by players.

  • Concerning Omen's Paranoia and Phoenix's Curve Ball: Fixed a bug where the visual indicator for blinding (above the agents' heads) was sometimes not synchronised with the actual duration of the blinding.
  • Sometimes the spike was invisible and it was impossible to equip it after the side change in the custom game. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug where players could no longer plant the spike after reconnecting to the game if they had died while disconnecting.
  • If you were experiencing a problem where the Marshall would not fully charge if the auto-scoping option was enabled, this will no longer be the case. This problem has been corrected.

Removing Replication Mode

Replication mode has been removed from Valorant indefinitely. However, the developers indicate that other ways of playing should be introduced in the future.

The complete 6.01 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Wednesday 18th January to Thursday 19th January 2023.