Valorant Patch Notes 6.00

The year 2023 is off to a flying start on VALORANT. The sixth episode, Revelation, was recently unveiled, and brings a brand new map entitled Lotus. This patch 6.00 also provides an opportunity for developers to bring back Split in the map pool, and to adjust the gain and loss of points in ranked games. We give you all the important information about the changes.

Key points to remember about this 6.00 patch:

  • New map: Lotus
  • Return of Split in parallel with the withdrawal of Breeze and Bind
  • Change on Omen smokes
  • Changes to the gain and loss of points in ranked games

Valorant New Map: Lotus

Episode 6 of Valorant starts with a bang, with the addition of a ninth map, called Lotus. A special queue will be available in Velocity mode for one week. The map will then be integrated into both competitive and unrated games with patch 6.1.

Located in the Western Ghats of India, the lost city is characterised by beautiful and huge lotus flowers, which gave it its name. This map brings some new features, pivoting doors, destructible walls and silent landing areas, in addition to containing three Spike landing sites. You can find a more complete presentation on the article dedicated to the Lotus map.

Also, if you're already looking for useful agent compositions on this map, or ways to attack or defend the various Lotus sites, HyP gives his opinion on this.

Split back in a reworked version

After several months of absence, the return of Split was announced in late December. The wait is coming to an end: Split is finally back! The map has not been drastically changed, but more adjustments to facilitate the Attack.

Changes to site A

The area A Main has been expanded and a ledge has been added. The next area, with the Box, has been revised to offer more possibilities for attackers. The box is now smaller and a new angle has been introduced. This should provide another line of sight that is easier to hold, while remaining under cover.

Split Change - Hand - Front
Change on Split - A Main - Before
Split change - On hand - After
Change on Split - A Main - After
Change on Split - Hand - Box - Front
Change on Split - A main - Box - Before
Change on Split - On hand - Box - After
Change on Split - A Main - Box - After

Until then, site A was rather complex to take for several reasons. The A main area offered little protection and the line of sight guarded by snipers made it even more difficult. Once this area was secured, it was still necessary to deal with the players stationed at the entrance, especially on the top ledge. This problem has been corrected, as this famous footbridge has been shortened.

Change to Split - A - Rafters - Front
Change to Split - A - Rafters - Before
Change to Split - A - Rafters - After
Change to Split - A - Rafters - After

While the previous changes are mainly aimed at facilitating the Attack, the latest change to A is aimed at both teams. By smoothing the area of the Tower, fighting with players on the ramp should be easier.

Change to Split - A - Tower - Front
Change to Split - A - Tower - Before
Change to Split - A - Tower - After
Change to Split - A - Tower - After

Changes to Site B

Site B has not been changed as much as the other site on the map. However, the two changes made are significant. On the site itself, the recess at the bottom of the rope has been revised. It has been made easier to check for attackers, while offering an interesting line for defenders. At the level of the Tower, the bin on the defender's side has been removed. This choice thus provides a new hiding place for the defenders. It also limits their possibilities of action, when faced with attackers who would sink into the tower, since they will not be able to climb on the box as easily.

Change on Split - Site B - Before
Change on Split - Site B - Before
Change on Split - Site B - After
Change on Split - Site B - After
Change on Split - Site B - Tower - Before
Change on Split - Site B - Tower - Before
Change on Split - Site B - Tower - After
Change on Split - Site B - Tower - After

Changes in the Mid zone

The Mid of Split doesn't change much with this patch. Nevertheless, the small adjustment made will greatly facilitate the attackers' advance. The developers have decided to remove the "small barrier", which made it difficult to access the platform. In addition, players can now descend from the platform onto the barrels without making a sound.

Change to Split - Mid - Front
Change to Split - Mid - Before
Change to Split - Mid - Après
Change to Split - Mid - After

Note that the return of Split, and the addition of Lotus, is accompanied by the removal of Breeze and Bind from competitive and unrated modes, and this for an indefinite period. They remain nevertheless accessible in all the other game modes proposed in Valorant.

A slight change on Omen

Portrait of Omen

The developers of Valorant consider one-ways to be part of the game, but wish to limit their use: "One-way smokes are a part of VALORANT, but they are difficult to play against and we want to keep them limited to intentional and understandable areas." Therefore, the Dark Cover of Omen, if placed inside a wall, will now fall to the height of the nearest floor.

Changes in gaining and losing points

A reminder: with the start of the new episode, all ranks will be reset. Don't worry, you will be able to get back to your rank very quickly, or even get a better rank more easily.

Ranked games can be frustrating at times, as the the associated loss or gain of points may seem unfair. At least that's what was reported to the developers. As usual, Riot Games has listened to its players and is making changes to address this issue.

  • For all players: The gain or loss of RR will now depend more on the final result of the game - win or lose - than on the exact difference in rounds at the end of the match. Winning is still the preferred method to get more points.
  • For players whose ranks are far removed from their MMR: The RR gain will depend more on individual performance, than on the difference in rounds at the end of the game. Thus, if a player's rank is lower than their MMR, they will be better rewarded for a good game. If a player's rank is higher than his MMR, they will not be penalized as much for a loss, provided they have played a good game.

This 6.00 patch brings a few other changes, including the ability to select a favourite variant for your weapon skins. The full 6.00 patch notes are available on the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 10th January to Wednesday 11th January 2023.