Valorant Patch Notes 5.10

The patch 5.09 did not bring anything new to Valorant. As had explained Jo-Ellen Aragan, Valorant Community Manager, the lightness of the last patch was explained by the density of the next one. With the Cypher buff and the Fade nerf, the 5.10 is indeed much more substantial.

Below you will find the most important elements of these 5.10 patch notes.

Key points to remember about this 5.10 patch:

  • Cypher finally gets a buff
  • Some nerves on Fade
  • Real-time text evaluation

Buffs and nerves

Like we told you about it several days ago, changes to Cypher and Fade were evaluated on the test server. All the planned changes have been validated.

About Cypher:

Cypher receives several buffs, the most important of which concerns his ultimate, Neural Theft. This skill can now be activated from a greater distance: increase from 1200 to 1800. In addition, the spell will reveal the position of enemies on two occasions, with a 4s delay between the two information. Last but not least, the time window to launch the ultimate has been removed.

The Trap Wire, in addition, should be easier to place, as their length has been increased from 1000 to 1500. Moreover, allies' area damage will no longer destroy Cypher's utilities.

Ergonomic fixes have also been made to the yellow silhouette that appears during a reveal with the Spy Cam or Neural Theft. From now on, it will dissipate more easily to avoid confusion on screen between a real enemy and the said silhouette, and may even disappear completely if the enemy is in the field of vision.

The developers also said that Cypher would probably return to the forefront in the future, as new fixes, probably nerves, should be brought to Chamber.

About Fade:

Unlike Cypher, Fade is one of the most played agents today. This interest in Fade can be explained by the effectiveness of her Prowlers. The ability has been reworked to be more easily dodged or countered by opponents. The life time of Prowlers is reduced from 3 to 2.5s and their hitbox is improved.

Always related to this capacity, the duration of nearsight is now reduced from 3.5 to 2.75s and the time of the bite after hitting the target has been increased from 0.4s to 0.6s. Also, if a target has teleported before the bite animation ends, it will no longer be debuffed.

Also, her ultimate Nightfall has been adjusted in terms of cost. From now on, you will need to get 8 ultimate points, instead of 7 so far.

Regarding Harbor:

The developers also wanted to make Harbor more attractive and manageable, especially for players who are new to the Agent. It will now be possible to buy 2 loads of Cascade capacity, instead of one.

Real-time text evaluation comes to Valorant

Toxic behaviour is a long-term battle. Riot Games has already spoken on the subject in the past and continues to do so. In order to make the player experience even more enjoyable, the studio is launching a new method of tracking these disruptive behaviours. This new feature will only be initially available only in North America, other regions will also be affected in the near future.

In addition to the existing systems, the developers have added a means of directly analysing the messages sent in the chat during a game. The objective of this new tool is simple: mute players who send disruptive messages in the chat room, during a game. This system will provide a first line of automatic defence against toxic behaviour.

The other systems will not be abandoned, and will continue to be upgraded in the future, to analyse more types of communication.

The 5.10 patch will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th November 2022. All 5.10 patch notes are available on the official Riot Games website.