Valorant Patch Notes 5.08

With patches 5.06 and 5.07 of Valorant, Pearl and Fracture have been modified, the flashes of several Agents have been revised and a favourite skins system has been implemented. The patch 5.08 signs the end of Act 2 of Episode 5, and therefore the beginning of Act 3. This new chapter starts with the addition of Harbor, 21st Agent of Valorant, some bug fixes and a slight change on Pearl.

Below are the most important elements of this patch 5.08.

Key points to remember about this 5.08 patch:

  • Harbor joins the Valorant team
  • Modification on Pearl

Harbor, 21st Agent of Valorant

With this update, the Valorant team welcomes a new recruit, namely Harbor. This new Controller has a stolen relic that gives him a very interesting power for his survival. Watermaster, he is just as capable of protecting his allies as he is of overwhelming his enemies.

To learn more about Harbor, the new Valorant Agent, you can visit his presentation, as well as our more detailed guide on the functioning of his abilities.

A small change on Pearl

Pearl has already received a lot of changes in patch 5.06. This time, the change is minor, as the developers have simply added correct a line of sight which goes from Main A to Connector A.

Valorant patch notes 5.08 - correction on pearl patch 5 08 -

The 5.08 patch will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th October 2022.