Valorant Patch Notes 5.04

If the patch 5.03 brought many changes on various agents and in particular on Chamber, it will not be the case of the patch 5.04. Nevertheless, this one signs the arrival of Act II of Episode 5 and brings with it a new Battle Pass. In addition, changes have been made regarding player crosshairs.

Below are the most important elements of this patch 5.04.

Key points to remember about this 5.04 patch:

  • Development in crosshairs

Development in crosshairs

With the arrival of patch 5.04, you will finally be able to customise the colours of your crosshair by choosing the one you want from a very large palette. Goodbye to the predefined colours of the game which offered few possibilities. This is an opportunity for you to improve your gameplay and comfort.

To change your custom reticle colour, go to the settings, then to the crosshair and main tab. There, in the colour drop-down menu, select "custom" and enter the hexadecimal code that corresponds to the colour you want.

You can also use different colours for the horizontal and vertical lines of the reticle. To do this, go to the same place as for changing the colour of the crosshairs, but this time select "inner/outer line".

In addition to this improvement, viewers will now be able to directly copy the crosshairs of the player they are watching. Simply type "/crosshair copy" or "/cc" and import the resulting code into your reticle profiles.

Finally, the developers of Valorant have increased the maximum number of reticule profiles. You used to have 10, now you have 15.

For more information, the official Valorant website provides all 5.04 patch notes.

The 5.04 patch will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th August 2022.