Valorant Patch Notes 5.01

With the summer break of Riot Games, patch 5.01 has been delayed to date. If the previous update of Valorant, namely the patch 5.00, brought many new features such as the Pearl map, version 5.01 is not as rich in content. Nevertheless, this patch balances some agents, notably Phoenix and KAY/O.

Below are the most important elements of this patch 5.01.

Key points to remember about this 5.01 patch:

  • Rebalancing of some Agents
  • Smurf detection system under test

Some agents are rebalanced

Changes for Phoenix

If a rework of Phoenix is expected by some, others will appreciate the changes made to the Agent. Almost all of his kit benefits from some interesting buffs.

Concerning Curveball :

It's no coincidence that the length and timeframe of the blinding has been reduced. Riot Games has commented on the Agent: " We believe Phoenix's Curveball is the cornerstone of his kit, and as we explored adjustment options it became clear that Curveball being more powerful unlocks his kit as a whole. So we wanted to assess Phoenix in a world where Curveball is more competitive with the rest of the ecosystem to get a sense for the impact of the changes.

  • The maximum blinding time has been increased: 1.1 sec >>> 1.5 sec
  • Blind time has been reduced: 0.7 sec >>> 0.5 sec

Concerning Blaze :
Phoenix now equips himself more quickly with his weapon when he stops bending his wall.

Concerning Run It Back :
Phoenix now reappears at the marker location with the same amount of shield as when the skill was activated.

Changes for KAY/O

The changes to KAY/O are both practical and ergonomic. They concern two of his spells, namely FRAG/ment and NULL/cmd.

Concerning FRAG/ment :

  • The diameter of the area has been reduced: 10 m >>> 8 m
  • Damage now applies even without line of sight.
    • We’ve noticed a lot of inconsistencies with how the FRAG/ment is communicating the actual damage zone on the ability. We wanted to be consistent with how the visuals were showing the damage zone, so we’ve removed the line of sight requirement to apply damage.

Concerning NULL/cmd :

  • From now on, only allies will be able to hear the full sound effects of the KAY/O reanimation.
    • Enemies will only hear a short audio cue when the revive has started, matching a similar gameplay pattern to playing around ultimate orbs or tapping the bomb

Changes for Yoru

For Yoru, the developers have chosen to modify some timings related to his ultimate skill, Dimensional Transfer. These changes are the result of the studio's observation that " Yoru players having a bit of friction achieving the dream of setting up a master plan while in ultimate".

Concerning Dimensional Drift :

  • The duration of the ultimate has been increased : 10 sec >>> 12 sec
  • The de-equipping time has been reduced: 1.2 sec >>> 0.8 sec

Better detection of smurfs on trial

This new smurf detection system will only be deployed in North America for the moment. With this test, the studio wants to check if it is working properly before a global launch. The idea behind this addition to the smurf detection system is to allow new accounts to be pitted against suitably skilled opponents more quickly.

  • The test phases will start in the week of 11th July 2022.

For more information, the official Valorant website provides all patch notes 5.01.

The 5.01 patch will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th July 2022.