Valorant Patch Notes 4.10

After Sova, Jett and Neon in the patch 4.08, it was Chamber's turn to suffer a nerf in the patch 4.09. With this new patch 4.10, Riot Games is not touching the Agents but the design of their abilities loading bars. Other changes will also be made in-game. Below you will find the most important elements of this patch 4.10.

The key points to remember about this patch 4.10 :

  • Reduction of ping and FPS
  • Haven update
  • Harmonisation of skill loading gauges

Reduction of ping and FPS

Just a month ago, Valorant published an article on the consistency of in-game gameplay. An investigation had been opened and the developers had assured us that they were working hard to correct these problems. They are now coming back with solutions to propose to the community.

First of all, a performance graph, has been added. It displays the error values of recent shots in the client. This should allow players to better evaluate their performance.

A problem has also been fixed. Because of this, you could have the impression of having a high ping when it was quite normal. Your commands would then take much longer to execute. The player display could also be slower, leaving you less time to react to an incoming enemy.

In order to address this issue, the developers have added two new performance graphs. Named " Network RTT Jitter "and " Network RTT + Processing Delays", these should help you to understand whether the problems you are experiencing are actually with your hardware and connection, or whether they are with the game itself.

In addition, with these additions, you should normally experience less ping and FPS problems in the future when starting a game.

Haven update

On Haven, the developers have removed collisions with pixels on certain areas of the map. Once the patch is deployed, you will no longer be able to walk on the front cover of site A and you will no longer be able to jump on the cover of site C without using a movement skill.

In short, you will not be able to jump on the crates on the map if you are not using a skill. This change was made to avoid some bugs that could have occurred in the long run.

Harmonisation of skill loading gauges

As you have probably often noticed, until now the skill loading bars of the Agents were far from identical. This is something that will be corrected with patch 4.10.

From now on, the loading bars will be placed in the same place on your screen and will have the same size. But this does not affect all agents. Here are the ones that are affected by this update:

  • Reyna
  • Cypher
  • Breach
  • Fade
  • Jett
  • Omen
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Skye
  • Yoru

The changes do not stop there for Omen, as the Controller has been subjected to visual changes. His 3rd person view model has been reworked to be more detailed. Here is a brief overview of what it looks like:

New visual for Omen

On the right the new model, on the left the old one. Do you like it?

In addition to these changes, many bugs have been fixed, especially on the Agents.

Find the full list of patch notes 4.10 on the official Valorant website. The 4.10 patch will be deployed during the night of Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th May 2022.