Valorant Patch Notes 4.08

In contrast to the latest patches 4.05 and 4.07, Patch 4.08 brings many changes to Valorant. Between the arrival of Fade, the nerfs of several Agents and other changes, we summarize the important elements to know about these patch notes 4.08.

Key points to remember about this 4.08 patch:

  • Fade integrates Valorant
  • Jett finally nerfed
  • Sova also gets a nerf
  • Neon balanced
  • 5-stack competitive queues

Fade, 20th Agent of Valorant

Fade enters Valorant to stalk her prey. This new Initiator uses her skills to track her opponents and hold them in place while her allies finish the job.

To find out more about Fade, you can visit presentation, as well as our more detailed guide on the functioning of his abilities.

Jett, finally nerfed

Jett has dominated the meta since the launch of Valorant and even though Riot Games has tried to clip her wings by changing her skill price or number of uses, nothing has stopped her from flying over the rest of the Agents. This time, it's not a statistical but a mechanical nerf that impacts the Korean Agent. Indeed, she will now have to prepare her dash before she can use it.

  • When you press E, Jett consumes her Tailwind charge. After a delay of 0.75 seconds, a 12-second window opens during which you can press the button again to make a dash.
  • Killing two enemies always recovers a charge of Tailwind.
  • In Escalation mode, for balancing reasons, the operation of the rush will be adjusted.

This change is so big that it was announced in advance of patch 4.08. For more information, see our article on Jett's nerf.

Sova also gets a nerf

Perhaps more unexpectedly, Sova is also taking a beating in more than one area.

Owl Drone

  • The duration has been reduced: 10 s -> 7 s
  • The VPs have been reduced: 125 -> 100
  • The number of revelation signals has been reduced: 3 -> 2
  • The time to the first disclosure signal has been increased: 1,2 s -> 1,6 s*
    • *The delay between the first and second signal remains 1.2 s.

Shock Bolt

  • Max damage has been reduced: 90 >>> 75
    • The damage in the outer radius has been adjusted to be consistent with the new max damage.

And things could have been worse, since Riot Games also had the idea of changing the animation of Sova's shots. A visual change only, but one that would have had a terrible impact on the arrow setups of Sova's players. It's highly likely that this animation change will happen and all arrow lineups will have to be relearned at that point, but making these changes on top of the nerfs was probably too much.

The question is why Sova is getting so many nerfs. Even though he is the second most selected Agent in the Masters, it is also and above all because he has no real competition among the Initiators... which could very well change with Fade.

Neon balanced

Neon has been available for 4 months now, and Riot Games was able to identify what was working and what was not on the Agent. They decided to make some changes to make the character more fluid and balanced.


  • Energy recovered by killing an enemy: 25% -> 100%

High Gear

  • The slide cannot be used during the equipment delay.
  • The speed restriction has been removed.
  • Neon can now slide sideways and forward, as long as she is moving.
  • Energy consumption has been increased: 6,7/s -> 10/s

Fast lane

  • The damage to the walls has been removed.

5-stack competitive queues

Riot Games has decided to adjust the ranking score gain and loss penalties for certain types of groups of 5. These penalty reductions depend on the level of the players in the group.

  • If all members of your group are Iron-Diamond 2
    • No SC penalty if the difference in ranking between the players is normal.
    • 25% SC penalty for all players if there is too big a gap in ranking between two players.
  • If at least one member of your group is Diamond 3-Immortal 3 (and no one is Radiant):
    • 25% SC penalty for all players.
  • If at least one member of your group is Radiant :
    • 75% SC penalty for all players.

All this seems very complicated for not much, but it should be remembered that homogeneous groups will suffer few penalties for losses, unlike groups that include at least one Radiant player.

In addition, matchmaking for groups of 5 has been adjusted and should take less time.

Find the full 4.08 patch notes on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 4.08 will be deployed on the night of Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th April 2022.