Valorant Patch Notes 4.05

After a patch 4.04 very substantial for the arrival of Act II of Chapter 4, we're back on a much lighter patch this week. Brimstone is once again undergoing some adjustments but beyond that, very few changes are to be reported. We've summarised the important things you need to know about these 4.05 patch notes.

Key points to remember of Patch 4.50:

  • A slight nerf for Brimstone
  • Ability to import or export crosshair settings
  • Update of the "Prioritize Strongest Weapon" option
  • Map selection system available worldwide

A slight nerf for Brimstone

Valorant Patch Notes 4.05 - Brimstone Portrait -

For a little over a month now, Brimstone has been undergoing various modifications and adjustments to his abilities. Once again, the Agent has not escaped these changes, and this patch 4.05 brings new changes to the Agent. These concern his stim beacon, which was deemed a little too strong by the game's developers and therefore required a little nerf.

Stim Beacon

  • Charges reduced : 2 > 1
  • Cost increased : 100 > 200

These few changes should make the skill and the Agent a little more balanced.

Import and export crosshair settings

All Valorant players know the importance of having proper crosshair settings . Well, you will now be able to import and export these settings through automatically generated codes.

To do this, go to the Crosshairs tab at the top of the Settings menu. In order to export your personal settings, click on the arrow pointing up. This will automatically copy the settings code and you will only need to paste it into the desired location to share.

To import settings, click on the downward pointing arrow. You will then just have to paste or type the code of the said parameters in the text field that will open, then click on Import.

Update of the "Prioritize Strongest Weapon" option

This option was added in patch 4.03 and allows players to quickly re-equip their most powerful weapon after using an ability or interacting with an object.

The priority system has been revised to include the abilities of the agents. This includes Chamber's pistol. Following this update, the order of priorities is as follows: primary weapon > secondary weapon and Chamber's pistol > melee weapon. If two weapons have the same priority, the last weapon equipped will be selected.

The developers have also added a new option to stop auto-equipping your melee weapon. Your knife will be ignored when selecting the last weapon equipped.

Deployment of the map selection system

This system was only integrated on servers in the LATAM region a few weeks ago for testing purposes. These tests were successful and it is now activated worldwide.

As a reminder, this system analyses the last ten games played and automatically removes from the selection the cards that have been played more than twice. If all the cards have been removed, then they all come back into the selection and the system chooses the one that has been played the least by all the players in the game.

The aim is to to offer the community a greater diversity of maps and avoid players always playing on the same terrain.

Find the full 4.05 patch notes on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 4.05 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 22nd to Wednesday 23rd March 2022.