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Valorant Patch Notes 4.03

While the patch 4.02 While the patch 4.02 left us wanting more, the patch 4.03 is already more extensive. On the agenda are changes to Brimstone and some bug fixes, new features and changes to one of the game's modes. We summarise the important things you need to know about these patch notes 4.03.

Key points to remember of Patch 4.03:

  • Changes to Brimstone
  • Changes to the Deathmatch Mode
  • A new feature related to game performance
  • A better AFK detection system
  • The ability to equip your most powerful weapon

Brimstone's ultimate undergoes changes

With patch 4.03, the developers have made some changes to the Controller's ultimate. If you could previously see the enemies on your mini map when animating the ultimate ability, this will no longer be the case.

The ultimate will now block lines of sight as well as the abilities skills that require lines of sight. This is for example the case for blinding or the pulse of Sova's Recon Bolt.

Changes to the appearance zones in Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a game mode well known to Valorant players. Each participant fights for himself and reappears in case of death, unlike the classic FPS game mode. The first player to achieve 40 kills wins the game.

This game mode was very frustrating for players, something that did not escape the Valorant team. So some changes have been made to make it less annoying.

The spawn points dangerous have been moved, or simply deleted. This is to improve the logic of how players appear so that they cross paths more often. This also results in a reappearance further away from where you were when you were shot by an opponent. In addition, the reappearance delay has been halved from 3 seconds to just 1.5 seconds.

A smoother game

The game's performance team has included a performance feature, with the aim of providing the community with a better gaming experience.

With this feature, CPU-limited players will be able to improve their base performance by up to 15%.

This is the only information Riot Games has released on the subject so far, but an article is expected to be published soon with more details.

AFK detection

The game's systems have been updated to better track players who start games for the sole purpose of gaining experience, while remaining AFK throughout the game.

Quickly equip your most powerful weapon

One of the additions of this patch 4.03 is the possibility to quickly equip the strongest weapon you have on you. To do this, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is click on the button associated with the "Equip Last Used Item" function. This also works if you equip a weapon yourself.

This option can be activated in the settings by checking the box "Prioritize Strongest Weapon.".

Find the full 4.03 patch notes on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 4.03 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th February 2022.