Valorant Patch Notes 3.12

There was no 3.11 patch a fortnight ago, but the clock is still ticking and here we are with the 3.12 Patch Notes ! Valorant Patch 3.12 will be the last of 2021. Like all patches in the midst of major competitions, it does not shake up the meta, but it does bring some additions much requested additions by the community!

Key points to remember of Patch 3.12:

  • Agent-specific keybinds
  • Return of banners in loading screens
  • Reports from Agent Select

Agent-specific keybinds

This is a feature that players have been asking for since the game's release, but it's finally here! It's now possible to change the keybinds for each Agent, individually. Now, if you prefer to use Jett's ultimate ability with the P key, but Raze's with the N key, you can.

From the Settings, in the Controls and Actions submenu, you can create a profile of commands by Agent. If your custom commands conflict with other commands, the menu will tell you which actions are incompatible.

You can only create one profile per Agent, but this is much better than having to go through the menus every time you change your Agent.

Return of banners in loading screens

The Agent setup is not the only feedback from the community that is being heard. Riot Games has decided to display player's cards again during loading screens and on elimination banners. Players will once again be able to display their best cards, chosen from their profile!

Reports as soon as Agent Select

The third and final key point of this Patch 3.12, also requested by the community: players can now report others at Agent Select.

All too often, trouble starts at Agent Select, with players putting pressure on others over their Agent choices. Situations sometimes escalate so quickly that a player ends up leaving the game before it even starts. In these cases, toxic players who pushed others into leaving could not be reported. But that was before!

You will also be able to add players to your friend list at Agent Select, so that you find each other more easily if you had a good feeling and wanted to play together.

In addition to these additions and changes, Patch 3.12 fixes a few bugs. If you want to know more, please visit the official website of Valorant.

Patch 3.12 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 8th December.