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Valorant Patch Notes 3.10

The Patch 3.09 had left us wanting more when we were told that Chamber, the game's new Agent, would only be released in the next patch. Well, here we are! The French will be available tonight to our great pleasure.

In addition to the Sentinel, this Patch 3.10 brings with it changes to the Competition mode as well as some new features for the Esports mode. However, no adjustments have been made to the Agents.

Key points to remember of Patch 3.10:

  • Chamber, the new Sentinel
  • Changes to the groups in Competitive mode
  • Additions to the Esport function

Chamber, the new Agent of Valorant

Patch Notes 3.10 of Valorant - valorant chamber sentinel agent -

Chamber is the 17th Agent of Valorant. He is a Sentinel with a more aggressive gameplay than the average, as he is equipped with many weapons to defend himself and attack his enemies. Ideal for defending a position, he can also be very useful for eliminating your opponents one by one. Nevertheless, you will have to be strategic and precise to handle him correctly.

Changes to the Competitive mode

In an effort to reduce the number of smurfs in the game, Riot Games has decided to remove the rank restrictions in Competitive mode. However, this change only applies to groups of 5 people, smaller groups will continue to be affected by this restriction.

However, there are some special features for groups of 5, if they are composed of at least Diamond 2 players or if the group has at least one Diamond 3 or Radiant. First of all, the waiting time to find a game will be extended, as the matchmaking will try to find a group with the same MMR as you. Secondly, the loss/gain of RR will be recalculated according to the difference between the player in the group with the lowest rank and the one with the highest rank. Thus, this gain/loss can be reduced by a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 90% depending on the composition of the team.

As for the 4-person groups, they will simply disappear in Competitive mode. This decision comes after Riot Games found that these groups had a negative impact on the player who found themself alone in the middle of four people who knew each other. They could more easily be insulted or be tempted to leave the game.

All these changes should reduce in-game toxicity, but also make the game more balanced for players who previously faced smurfs. Indeed, meeting a smurf is never very fun and can strongly affect the game experience.

Improved Esport function

As Valorant Champions approaches, Riot Games continues to improve its observer mode. While changes were already made in Patch 3.09, the publisher is continuing to add new features.

As a result, viewers can now more easily differentiate between Attackers and Defenders, as they will have different ATH colours. To this end, attackers' abilities will appear in red, while defenders' will be turquoise.

The observer will also have a better visibility of the Agents' icons when using the ATH for broadcast. They will also be able to better identify the player they are watching, as a yellow outline will frame their icon.

In addition to these additions and changes, Patch 3.10 also fixes a few bugs that had crept into the game's systems and observer mode. If you want to know more, we invite you to visit the official website of Valorant.

Patch 3.10 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th November.