Valorant Patch Notes 3.09

No new Agent with new patch note. As announced by Riot Games, the new Sentinel, Chamber, will only be implemented with Patch Notes 3.10! In the meantime, with these Patch Notes 3.09 the company brings a few fixes, including a bug in Cypher's camera that allowed a door to be broken.

No nerf or Agent buffs appear in this Patch 3.09; however, the classic, whose secondary fire was deemed too effective even in motion, is subject to changes. Also, Fracture, which joined the map pack in September, is subject to some changes to rebalance areas too much in favour of defenders or attackers.

Key points to remember of Patch 3.09:

  • Cypher's camera is fixed on Breeze
  • The alt fire of the Classic is changed
  • Some restructuring on Fracture
  • An improvement of the game systems

Cypher's camera is fixed on Breeze

A bug allowed Cypher to destroy the metal door of Site A on Breeze by placing the Spy Cam on it when it was closed. A similar glitch allowed the Spy Cam to see through this door.

It is therefore no longer possible to use the Camera to:

  • break the broken door,
  • see through a closed door.

At the same time, some bugs that prevented the Spy Camera from being placed in the same area have been fixed.

The alt fire of the Classic is changed

The Classic, though free, is a particularly effective weapon. This is not the first time it has suffered a nerf. Its alternative fire was deemed too effective at short and medium ranges, even when the player is in motion. By this, we mean that a player who is jumping, walking or running was not disadvantaged enough by the movement at the time of the shot.

The overall effectiveness of alt fire was therefore reviewed:

  • Large increase in firing error while walking: 0,05 > 0,6. The total error therefore increases from 1.95 to 2.5.
  • Large increase in firing error while running: 0,2 > 1,3. The total error therefore increases from 2.1 to 3.2.
  • Large increase in firing error at the time of a jump: 1,1 > 2.1. The total error increases from 3 to 4.

These changes to the Classic should rebalance the medium range fights involving this gun and make it a really effective weapon especially at close range.

Some restructuring on Fracture

Several changes have been made to Fracture to rebalance certain areas of the map, which were unfavourable or too much in favour of Attack or Defense.

Two barriers present during the preparation phase have been moved:

  • Modification of the location of the barrier at the Arcade area on site B. The barrier is moved forward to the level of the bridge on the attackers' side. This new location should allow the Defense to better cover site B.
  • Modification of the location of the barrier at the Rope area on site A. The barrier is moved from the middle of the conduit to open area at the top of the rope. This change should facilitate the insertion of Sentinels at site A.

The orb available in Hall A was deemed too advantageous for the Attack. In order to rebalance access to this free ultimate point, the orb has been relocated to a more neutral area.

Finally, an additional element appears to provide additional protection for Attackers. This cover breaks the line of sight, available to the Defense, between the entrance to the Hall area and the main B area.

An improvement of the game systems

This patch also brings more global improvements, whether for observers, players or servers.

Thus, there will be no more problems of jerky movements that could occur when using ropes or zip lines.

In order to improve the tracking of matches, fixes have been made to the free camera. If you are using a controller, you should no longer lose control of the X/Y axis when accelerating with the R1 trigger. Also, observers now have the option to select which team is visible as right or left handed.

And finally, the number of routes to the game servers have been reduced, by merging those that lead to the same servers.

The Patch 3.09 remains light, but a future update will implement the new Agent, Chamber! To find all the patch notes in detail, you can visit the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 3.09 Patch will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 2nd to Wednesday 3rd November.