Valorant Patch Notes 3.08

A new, very light patch arrives overnight! The Patch Notes 3.08 aren't particularly exciting, but they confirm Riot Games' willingness to stop making big changes to the game outside of new act launches.

In this patch, there is no balancing of Agents or weapons, no map changes and no rework for Yoru.

Key points to remember of Patch 3.08:

  • Feedback on reports
  • You can hide your account level

Feedback on reports

Riot Games continues to work on the effectiveness of its anti-cheat measures as well as the report system. Starting with Patch 3.08, players who have reported abusive behaviour will receive a notification if their report has resulted in a penalty. Players will receive the notification from the main menu.

It may not sound like much, but it does take some of the pressure off of players who have noticed bad behaviour. They get confirmation that their reports have been helpful and that the developers are taking action. Feeling that a multiplayer game is not toxic is almost more important than having a multiplayer game that is not toxic.

You can hide your account level

Players who want to can now hide their account level from strangers. Friends will still see the level, however. While not necessarily obvious, this much-requested option serves the same purpose as the feedback on reports: to reduce in-game toxicity.

Many players rely on the account level of their allies to estimate their performance, as if playing time is more or less equivalent to skill. If a game goes badly, the player with the lowest account level is likely to incur the wrath of his less patient allies.

Valorant Patch 3.08 also brings many bug fixes. The list is available on the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 3.08 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 19th to Wednesday 20th October.