Valorant Patch Notes 3.06

The Valorant Masters 3 is now over! Aside from the great show it gave us, the tournament was also a great meta reveal. No doubt Riot Games has taken notes to make some changes... the first results of which can be seen in these Patch Notes 3.06.

Believe it or not, Jett is finally getting a substantial nerf! She's not the only one who's been a bit too bright lately, as Skye is also getting some changes. Finally, Patch 3.06 reinforces some of the crates around the hotspots in the various maps.

Key points to remember of Patch 3.06:

  • Jett finally nerfed
  • Skye is slowed down
  • A little boost for KAY/O
  • Armoured crates on every map

Portrait de Jett Jett finally nerfed

Jett has been spreading terror in Valorant for a while now. She's omnipresent, especially at very high levels and on all maps. It was time for Riot Games to act, without attacking the very identity of the Agent: her ability to twirl in all directions.


  • Number of charges: 3 > 2

This is a huge nerf for Jett and should make her much less oppressive from now on. She will now have to think about when she wants to capitalise for her smokes.


  • Right-click kills no longer recharge Jett's kunais
  • The damage inflicted by the kunais with a right click is the same as the damage inflicted with a left click

The purpose of these changes is to force Jett's players to be much more precise in their use of kunai if they want to be able to take out multiple targets using them. The changes to the damage allow the different uses of the ability to be harmonised.

Portrait de Skye Skye is slowed down

Skye has had a meteoric rise in popularity in recent months. Her ability to spot and blind her opponents almost instantly has made her a mainstay of many teams. Just as Jett, the Agent has become far too dominant and effective.

Guiding Light

  • Time between the activation of the ability and the blind: 0.25 second > 0.3 second
  • Time to change weapon after using the ability 0.5 second > 0.75 second

Although the changes seem slight, they allow opponents a little more flexible reaction timing to avoid the pigeons and punish Skye who uses them too recklessly.


  • Cost of the ability: 6 > 7

This change is intended to match the effectiveness and impact that Seekers have in a round.

Portrait de KAY/O A little boost for KAY/O

KAY/O, Valorant's new kid, is still struggling to find his place in a team. In order to make him a little more attractive, he receives buffs on two of his abilities.


  • Grenade explosion delay (left click): 0.5 second > 0.3 second
  • Grenade explosion delay (right click): 1 second > 0.3 second
  • The ability no longer makes noise in flight

The grenade's lobbed shot took far too long to trigger, ruining KAY/O's timing and even allowing opponents to kill him before they were blinded. By making no more noise on the fly, the ability will also be able to surprise opponents.


  • The pulse keeps emitting, even when KAY/O is downed.

Armoured crates on every map

During Patch 3.03, Valorant developers made changes to the radianite crates so that it was possible to shoot through them from any angle. These changes made the sites much more vulnerable.

In this Patch 3.06, some crates get heavy armour. These changes should allow for more variety in Spike's placements, while providing safer shelters for players in Attack and in Defense.

Case changes in Patch 3.06
Case changes in Patch 3.06

Once again, Patch 3.06 contains very few bug fixes! If you still want to find the complete patch notes, we invite you to visit the official website of Valorant.

Patch 3.06 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd September.