Valorant Patch Notes 3.04

The last patch of Act 1 of the Episode 3 is upon us! While the first patch was rich in changes, with an almost complete overhaul of the game's economy, subsequent patches have been much lighter, and these Valorant Patch Notes 3.04 don't break that cycle.

Key points to remember of Patch 3.04:

  • Omen bug fixed
  • Lots of additions for the Observer Mode
  • More convenient weapon viewer

Omen bug fixed

It turns out that Omen's Dark Cover had not been working properly for a long time. When the ability was launched, it didn't stop exactly where the player wanted it to. This problem has now been solved.

Omen players who have naturally become accustomed to dealing with this little blunder may notice a few differences when using Dark Cover, particularly in its animation. But the veil should now fall exactly where you aimed at.

Lots of additions for the Observer Mode

The esports scene isn't taking a break and with the Masters 3 just around the corner, Riot Games is making some significant additions to the Observer Mode that should make competitions easier to organise and follow. We won't go into detail on all of them here, but rather the ones that will be really useful for viewers.

  • The order of the players in the lobbies will be kept for the selection of the Agents and for the display of the portraits in-game.

This should make it easier to define the roles and positions of each player. This will be especially useful during a BO where it will be easier to follow a player's performance. One can imagine that the team captains will always be in the first position as well. But it's also and above all a huge gain in ergonomics for the observers. In short, a change that looks like nothing, but that suits everyone and makes the action more readable.

  • Time-outs now show the colour of the team that requested a break

This is an additional element that will allow for better readability, especially during major competitions. Teams do not hesitate to use the allocated time-outs and knowing instantly who has requested one is a nice touch.

The other changes are fairly minor, but make the experience more enjoyable. For example, there is a better display of Viper's abilities on the mini-map, a harmonisation of the ATH, and elements that appear or disappear depending on the point of view adopted.

More convenient weapon viewer

Considering the price of Valorant skins, you'd better make sure the paint is good! The weapon viewer in the shop has been improved to allow you to see the animations and visual effects in more detail before you buy.

As you are used to, the patch also contains many minor bug fixes. You can find all this in detail on the official website of Valorant.

The 3.04 Patch will be deployed during the night of Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th August.