Valorant Patch Notes 3.03

After almost a month without a Patch, mainly due to the holidays of Riot's employees, Valorant is finally getting a new update with the Patch 3.03! On the agenda today: the correction of a bug on Viper as well as the possibility to save your crosshair settings and profiles.

Key points to remember from Patch 3.03:

  • Viper's Pit bug fix
  • Update on crosshair settings
  • Update on maps
  • Other bugs fixed

Viper's Pit bug fix

The 3.01 Patch created a bug that caused Viper's ultimate to launch at her crosshair instead of around her. Riot admits that this is a bug and not an intentional buff and says that with the high impact this ultimate has, it's important that Viper has to come to the point to use it instead of from a safe position.

Update on crosshair settings

The crosshair as well as the centre point of the sniper scope now have more customisation options by activating "Use Advanced Options". Riot also offers the ability to save your crosshair profiles and switch between them. We understand that an option to share these crosshair profiles is in development, but no release date is known. Finally, two new settings have been added: one to set a minimum firing error offset and another to use the main crosshair with shotguns.

Update on maps

Previously, you couldn't shoot through certain radianite crates, or only at certain very specific angles. Now, you can shoot through all the crates at any angle, provided you have the right weapons.

Notes de Patch 3.03 de Valorant - valorant patch notes 303 radianite boxes -

La touche « Utiliser » vous permet maintenant de descendre d’une tyrolienne à n’importe quel moment.

Correction d’autres bugs

There's not much concerning the Agents in this patch, but there are two rather important points related to the clipping aforementioned:

Portrait de Killjoy Killjoy

The Turret of Killjoy is now well affected by disorientation.

Portrait de Astra Astra

The Gravity Well of Astra is not supposed to attract enemies attached to ascenders and the Agent should not be able to activate Dissipate while attached to an ascender. These two bugs have been fixed.

The patch also contains some changes to the penalties for leaving a game and to the network part of the game. You can find all the details on the official website of Valorant.

The patch 3.03 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 11th August.