Valorant Patch Notes 2.11

After a patch 2.09 rather timid and the absence of a patch 2.10, we could have thought that the next patch would be quite full. Wrong, since the Patch Notes 2.11 of Valorant are the most meagre we've had since the game's release.

Obviously, Riot Games is mostly working on the launch of the Episode 3 of Valorant with its Patch 3.01 expected later this month. Some leaks mention modified weapon prices and abilities revisions, but we're not there yet. Until we find out what they have in store for us, let's take a quick look at today's changes with Patch 2.11.

Key points to remember of Patch 2.11:

  • Not much.
  • No, but really, eh!

Small updates here and there

Updates in Patch 2.11 include the introduction of a search bar in the competitive rankings page, so you can search directly for a player's name.

The Replication mode, introduced in Patch 2.09, but which had already disappeared from the game queues, is back in place while the Escalation mode disappears again.

The game client should have better performance. Riot is talking about a 1% performance improvement, whatever that means.

Finally, there are a number of minor display or shortcut bugs that have been fixed, but nothing significant.

That's pretty much all the Patch Notes 2.11 contain. If you want to see for yourself, we invite you to discover it on the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 2.11 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th June.