Valorant Patch Notes 2.09

The Patch Notes 2.09 of Valorant are out! This is the penultimate patch before the launch of Episode 3. With the first major international competition of Valorant coming up at the end of the month, Riot's main focus is on secondary modes, experience improvements for viewers and options for professional players.

Key points to remember of Patch 2.09:

  • Replication, Valorant's One for All mode
  • Viper gets reajusted
  • Tactical Timeouts in tournament mode
  • Improvement of the Observer mode
  • Small fixes on Breeze

Replication, Valorant's One for All mode

A new game mode is available: the Replication mode. In this mode, the players of the same team all play the same Agent. The first team to win 9 rounds wins. You can find more details on our Replication page.

Replciation mode will replace the Escalation mode. Like League of Legends, Riot wants to introduce a rotation of modes that are just original enough to be interesting, but not so original as to justify a queue that would divide the player base.

Portrait de Viper Viper reajusted

Viper has receveid such a succession of buffs since its release, it's almost surprising to see a nerf finally arrive. The Agent has definitely found her place in both amateur and professional teams, and the arrival of Breeze in the competitive map-pool will likely solidify her position. But the developers feel that they went a little too far with her, especially when it comes to her poison.

The initial damage of Viper's passive was so negligible that enemies would pass through the poison with no problem. Since Patch 2.06, passing through the green swirls caused 50 points of immediate damage, which made the passive too much of a deterrent and slowed down actions. By lowering the initial damage, Riot hopes that players will dare to brave Viper's poison more often.

Toxin (Passive):

  • The immediate decay when crossing Viper's vapours is now 30 instead of 50.

Tactical Timeouts in tournament mode

In order to offer more tools to esports modes, the developers are directly integrating a tactical pause system to Valorant. In custom games in Tournament mode, each team can now request 2 tactical time-outs per game. These time-outs freeze all in-game action for 60 seconds.

Note that these tactical time-outs are not to be confused with technical pauses (via the option Pause the clock) which is reserved in tournaments for hardware issues or in-game bugs.

Improvement of the Observer mode

The Observer mode gets some adjustments a few weeks before the Valorant Masters 2. Nothing revolutionary, but we can only be happy to see that the team portraits will FINALLY display the colour corresponding to the current game phase. No more confusion possible at this level.

In addition, equipment icons will now have the colour of their team on the mini-map. The visual effects of tracer bullets have also been improved.

Small fixes on Breeze

Not yet playable in Masters 2, Breeze should normally join the list of maps available in ranked games. It's nevertheless getting some corrections and adjustments. The gaps above the doors that allowed players to be seen without being seen have been fixed. Some collision bugs and other bugs that allowed the map to be exploited have been fixed.

Patch Notes 2.09 contain many more fixes and details which we invite you to discover on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 2.09 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 11th to Wednesday 12th May.