Valorant Patch Notes 2.08

The Patch Notes 2.08 of Valorant are here! It's the beginning of Act 3, the last of Episode 2. No Agent this time, but a brand new map: Breeze.

Key points to remember of Patch 2.08:

  • Breeze, new seaside map
  • A slot for coaches
  • Warnings for disrespectful players

Breeze, new seaside map

Breeze is the 6th map of Valorant! It's a map with very long open angles, the opposite of Icebox. We were able to play on it and present the map in more detail last week.

For the next two weeks, Breeze will not be available in competitive matches, nor in unrated. A dedicated game mode for the map is being introduced. This way, you can play Breeze without fear of running into another map, if you wish. Or conversely, you can play on the classic map rotation. Breeze is still available in Deathmatch, Spike Rush and Escalation.

In two weeks (at the next patch), the map will join the classic rotation of the competitive and unrated mode.

A slot for coaches

It's difficult for a coach to follow their players in competition in the middle of a pandemic. Riot Games is therefore integrating a tool reserved for a sixth person into Valorant, as announced a few days ago. From now on, custom games in tournament mode will allow for one coach per team.

In this position, the coaches can observe the games directly. Of course, they only have access to the point of views of their own players. They can pause the match to report problems. However, they can only communicate using the global chat and only for the purpose of reaching a tournament moderator.

These are basic tools, but they are useful in making life easier for professional teams. Riot Games says it's listening to coaches to develop relevant new features that could enhance their position.

Warnings for disrespectful players

The hunt for disrespectful players continues. This time, Riot Games is improving its communication regarding reports. Players who have reported a disruptive player will receive a notification if the offender has been penalized. On the other side, players who have broken the rules will receive a written warning before receiving their first penalty.

On the surface, it doesn't change much. Communication between the players and the court is essential to cleaning up the landscape. If players feel that their reports are useless, they will stop reporting and the troublemakers will continue to break the rules. In addition, receiving a warning can be a real wake-up call for some players. It's almost more important that players think that there are no troublemakers on Valorant, rather than that there simply aren't any. It's partly a psychological battle.

For more details on the bugs fixed, see the full Patch Notes 2.08 on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 2.08 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th April.