Valorant Patch Notes 2.06

The Patch Notes 2.06 is the only patch that will be released between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Valorant Champions Tour. Riot Games is therefore taking the liberty of making more in-depth changes to the Agents and weapons. In particular, there are numerous buffs to two rather unloved Agents.

Key points to remember of Patch 2.06:

  • Buffs for Viper and Yoru
  • Bucky's balancing
  • HRTF Compatibility
  • Many details

Buffs for Viper and Yoru

Portrait de Viper Viper

Viper has been in a special position since the game's release and the developers are increasing the number of buffs to make her more attractive to players. While the European pros have already adopted her, she's relatively absent from other scenes and amateur games.

This time, it should be the right one, as Viper is getting a pretty incredible number of buffs.

Toxin (Passive)

Viper's Poison Clouds now inflict 50 decay to enemies as soon as they come into contact with the vapours.

Enemies hit by the poison regenerate their HP more slowly: 15 > 10.

HP regeneration starts earlier: 2,5 > 1,5

Poison Cloud

Pickup distance: 200 > 400

Viper can now immediately replace her device after recovering it. The charge of the ability, however, is temporary.

If Viper dies while the ability is activated, it remains activated for 2 seconds or until the poison gauge runs out.

Toxic Screen

If Viper dies while the ability is activated, it remains activated for 2 seconds or until the poison gauge runs out.

The blinding distance now matches the blinding distance of Poison Cloud.


Equip time is decreased: 1.1 > 0.8

Portrait de Yoru Yoru

Yoru struggles to find his place in the different compositions, especially compared to the other duelists. These new changes are intended to make him more unique and consistent in his performance.


The flash activates faster: 0.8s > 0.6s

The flash blinds longer: 1.1s > 1.5s


The ability now recharges every 35 seconds or more when killing opponents.

The lifetime of the beacon is increased: 20s > 30s

The distance at which the beacon appears is reduced: 7m > 4m

Dimensional Drift

The point cost is reduced: 7 points > 6 points

Yoru can now reactivate Gatecrash while in Dimensional Drift.

Bucky's balancing

The Bucky has been far from being a winner for a few months now. It's finally time for Riot Games to make some changes. The weapon becomes more accurate but less powerful, especially on Alt-fire.

Primary fire spread: 3.4 > 2.6
Alt-fire spread: 3.4 > 2

The damage curve has been changed:
– 0m-8m: 20dmg per pellet
– 8m-12pm: 12dmg per pellet
– beyond 12m: 9dmg per pellet

Alt-fire fires less pellets: 15 > 5

Compatibility with HRTF headsets

Valorant is now compatible with HRTF headsets. HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function) headsets allow better localisation of sounds in space. They simulate a complete environment around the player. This is an important option for the most demanding players, who will be able to locate their opponents instinctively.

If your headset is equipped with the HRTF function, Riot Games offers you a demonstration video:

The Patch Notes 2.06 also bring changes to the interface, gameplay, and of course many bug fixes. You can read the full patch note on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 2.06 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st March.