Valorant Patch Notes 2.04

The Patch Notes 2.04 are here! This patch marks the launch of Episode 2, Act 2 and the arrival of Astra! There's also a new BattlePass, the continuation of the ranked games changes and new communication tools. In short, a rather loaded patch, so let's go!

Key points to remember of Patch 2.04:

  • Astra, the new star of Valorant
  • A new BattlePass
  • Competitive mode changes
  • New communication system
  • Escalation mode adjustments

Astra, the new star of Valorant

Astra, la Nouvelle Agent de Valorant

New Act, new Agent! Astra arrives in this patch 2.04, with lots of stars in her pouch. This is a very complex Agent to play.

To find out more, we recommend her presentation sheet and our guide to getting started with Astra.

A new BattlePass

Notes de Patch 2.04 de Valorant - valorant database battlepass episode2 act2 -

The new BattlePass is made for frog and meme lovers of all kinds. It will end on 13th April 2021.

All the rewards of the Battle Pass – Episode 2 Act 2.

Competitive mode changes

As expected, Riot Games continues to change the competitive mode.

The rank no longer resets

From now on, the ranks are no longer reset at the end of an Act, only at the end of an Episode. Players therefore keep their progression. There's however an exception for Radiant and Immortal players who will lose 90% of their RRs. These two ranks must be earned according to Riot, so you will have to move up in the top 500 players on your server and get at least 400 RRs in Europe (300 in the US).

Only one placement game

If you've already been ranked in the previous Act, you will only need to play one game to regain your rank and therefore be able to claim your badge at the end of the Act.

Ranks will be hidden

Ranks will now be hidden when selecting Agents and in-game. The aim is to prevent players from naming a scapegoat based on their rank and denigrating their performance. It should also prevent players from leaving a lobby feeling that their teammates are not good enough. Ranks will be revealed at the end of a game.

Less strict group restrictions

Even if the group will always remain limited for Radiant and Immortal players, the bottom of the leaderboard becomes much more flexible. Iron players will now be able to play with Silver players, and Silver players with Gold players.

Here are the new group distributions:

Notes de Patch 2.04 de Valorant - valorant patch 204 restrictions groupes -

Less fluctuation of RR

Later in this patch, RR gains and losses will be reduced. The goal is to stabilise players around their real MMR. Players should also be less likely to move from one rank to another in just a few games.

New communication system

In order to facilitate communication between players, Valorant's developers have reviewed the "Tactical Voice Over". From now on, the automatic sentences said by the Agents will be more detailed. They will now say the names of the places corresponding to their remarks. In addition, these lines will now be displayed in the team chat.

For example, instead of saying "Enemy spotted" , the Agent will say " Enemy spotted A " and a message in the chat will say "Sova spotted an enemy A".

It's possible to enable or disable messages in chat independently of the Agents automatic reactions.

Escalation mode adjustments

Escalation mode, added in patch 2.03, has met with some success, but requires changes to how Bind works. Many players used to camp in the exit of the teleporters to open the doors when an enemy passes by and kill them, before returning to hide there. From now on, the doors will always be open in Escalation.

However, the developers believe that this is the map least conducive to Escalation. They plan to considerably reduce the chances of the map being selected by the server.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 2.04 will be deployed between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd March.