Valorant Patch Notes 2.03

The Patch Notes 2.03 are available and bring more than welcome changes to Reyna, Yoru and some weapons. It's also the arrival of a temporary Escalation mode and new changes to the ranked games. In short, a rather rich patch, so let's not waste time!

Key points to remember of Patch 2.03:

  • Escalation, new temporary mode
  • Agents Buffs and Nerfs (Reyna, Yoru, Brimstone, Phoenix)
  • Weapon adjustments
  • Competitive mode updates
  • Many bugs fixed

New temporary game mode

Mode Escalade pour Valorant

A new game mode is coming: Escalation mode. It's a funnier mode that is reminiscent of the Arms Race in other FPS, but this time as a team. This is potentially a temporary mode.

For more information on how it's working, see our article of presentation of the Escalation mode.

Agent Nerfs and Buffs.

Portrait de Reyna Reyna

Reyna receives a big buff at the price of two nerfs. Her role as a snowball duellist finally seems too complicated to be profitable. Despite a recent surge in popularity, she remains one of Valorant's least played agents. Developers have therefore decided to relax the conditions of use of her abilities.

Dévoration et de Rebuffade

  • Enemies damaged by Reyna 3 seconds before their death now drop Orbs behind them, even if she didn't kill the target herself.
  • Maximum Devour and Dismiss charges reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Devour and Dismiss charges increased from 100 to 200 credits.

Reyna's abilities therefore remain just as powerful, but since they will be much easier to use, it's the price and number of charges that take a hit. In any case, Reyna should still be much more reliable in a team, even when she has the misfortune of not taking the last hit.

It should also be noted that with the new price of her abilities, Reyna will also have to make more difficult choices according to her economy.

Portrait de Yoru Yoru

Even if Yoru's potential is great, internal data from Riot Games reveals he's not as powerful as hoped. Before considering more drastic changes, they're making some welcome changes to the latest Agent.


  • The range at which the enemies can be seen by the ability is now displayed on the minimap.
  • The range that enemies are able to hear the audio of the teleport is now displayed on the minimap.

Dimensional Shift

  • While using the ability, Yoru can now see his minimap.
  • All enemies that Yoru can see during Dimensional Shift are now displayed on allies' minimap.
  • Yoru can now go through enemies during Dimensonial Shift

Brimstone Phoenix Brimstone and Phoenix

Flame noises Brimstone and Phoenix will now be more easily heard. It will therefore be less easy to hide a carpet of flame under tons of smoke without the opponent realising it.

Weapon adjustments


The Marshal was often the 'poor relation' of the rifles. The developers devided to give it different features, so that the weapons would correspond to different situations. The Marshal thus becomes a rifle designed for the hit-and-run. hit-and-run.

  • Agents maintain 90% of their speed while scoping (compared to 76% so far).
  • The scope offers a 3.5x zoom (previously 2.5x).
  • The weapon's price decreases to 1000 (from 1100).


The Stinger has become a weapon of choice recently. Its rate of fire and its precision, even in the middle of a race, made it far too effective. The weapon receives adjustments in both automatic and burst firing modes.

  • The weapon's price goes from 1000 to 1100.
  • Full auto fire rate reduced to 16 (from 18)
  • Full auto fire now reaches max spread at bullet 4 (instead of 6th)
  • The adjusted pitch (vertical) recoil is more aggressive after the 3rd bullet in full auto fire
  • The adjusted pitch (vertical) recoil is more aggressive after the first burst in burst fire
  • The burst fire is less precise after the first one
  • The maximum precision (recovery) is improved to 0.4s (from 0.45s)


The Frenzy is being used more and more, but it wasn't expensive enough in relation to its power and impact. That's why the price is increased in this patch.

  • Frenzy's prices goes to 500 (from 400).

Competitive mode updates

Riot Games continues to make progress on its two projects of the beginning of the year: improving the competitive mode and reducing the impact of AFK players.

As planned, the rank badge will now be determined by the victory at the highest rank, rather than by the nine best victories. Further changes of this kind are to be expected.

Consult the schedule of changes to the competitive mode.

AFK players for more than 6 rounds will now receive a penalty of 8 points on their ranking. This is enough to give time to players who have had a connection problem, but to dissuade deserters. In case of defeat, it's a double penalty regarding the ranking.

Many bugs fixed

A lot of bugs are fixed in this patch. A few examples: Killjoy can no longer put her Lockdown in Sage's Barrier Orb, Sova's drone no longer goes through certain walls, Yoru's teleportation no longer goes through the ground.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.

Patch 2.01 will be deployed on the night of Wednesday 17th to Thursday 18th February.