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Valorant Patch Notes 2.00

New episode, new numbering! The Episode 2 of Valorant marks the start of the 2.00 series patches. In reality, this doesn't change much, but it will allow to better situate chronologically the changes that have happened to Valorant in the future. Anyway, let's move on to the Patch Notes 2.00 which should be deployed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday!

Patch 2.00 is the first patch of 2021. The Patch Notes are pretty thin, but think again, it brings a lot!

Key points to remember of Patch 2.00:

  • Yoru joins Valorant
  • Rate Ranking and Leaderboards
  • Big buffs for Brimstone
  • Big nerfs for Omen
  • Nerfs for the alternative fire of the Classic

Yoru joins Valorant

We've been talking about if for a week now, but Yoru is finally coming to Valorant! This new Agent uses his abilities to trick the senses of his opponents.

We have already had the opportunity to play with Yoru and dissect his abilities. Follow our guide to learn all about how he works.

Rate Ranking and Leaderboards

The ranked games system continues to be reviewed. Goodbye progress arrows and hello Rank Rating! Earn 100 Rate Ranking points to advance to the next rank. Lose 2 games with 0 points and you lose one.

In addition to this progress, now quantified, there are leaderboards so that the best players in the world can compare their performances. There are also restrictions applied to Immortal players.

For more information, read our article dedicated to the Rate Ranking and Leaderboards.

Big buffs for Brimstone

Valorant Patch Notes 2.00 - Brimstone Portrait -

Over the last months, Brimstone has lost popularity. The buffs to Breach and Omen totally eclipsed him. Riot Games has announced on Reddit that changes were imminent. So here they are! In order to make the Agent attractive again, the developers tried to make his gameplay more flexible and efficient.

Steam Beacon

  • The ability launches immediately, without needing to be equipped. Brimstone will therefore no longer have to unequip his weapon before re-equipping it. This will make its use much more flexible.


  • Price drops from $300 to $200.

Sky Smoke

  • Range changed from 4200 to 5000.
  • The duration of the smokes changed from 14.25 seconds to 19.25 seconds.
  • Brimstone no longer makes noise when using the ability.

Big nerfs for Omen

Patch Notes 2.00 of Valorant - Omen Portrait -

Omen gradually became Valorant's most played Agent, ahead of Sage, Jett or Cypher. It must be said that he brings unique possibilities and has very few weaknesses. The Brimstone buffs seen previously should already diminish Omen's dominance, but to rub it in, the developers are adding several nerfs. It will now be necessary to clearly choose whether it's better to select one Agent or the other.


  • Price increased from $200 to $400.

This doubled price will greatly reduce the impact of Omen in a game. It will now be required to pay much more attention to the economy and make tactical decisions.

Dark Cover

  • Projectile speed decreased from 4000 to 2800

Reducing the Dark Cover's movement speed this way will greatly slow Omen's ability to secure an area or cloak opponents. This makes him a little more vulnerable to assault and will give opposing players a better reaction time.

Nerfs for the alternative fire of the Classic

The Classic is used more for its alternative fire than for its normal fire. It's particularly powerful, especially in pistol rounds. Most of them end with two players leaping around and trying to kill their opponents all at once with a right click. That's why alternative fire is being changed.

  • Input queue on right-click increased from 0.065 to 0.225
  • Firing consecutively now jumps in error
    • 1.9 for the first burst
    • 2.5 for the second
    • 6.0 for the third and fourth
  • Jumping error increased from 0.4 to 1.0
  • Right-click now has a recovery curve start at 0.1 second

The Patch 2.00 also contains its usual set of bug fixes and interface changes. You can view the full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 2.00 will be deployed overnight from Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th January.