Valorant Patch Notes 1.14

The Valorant Patch Notes 1.14 are available. Yes, you're not dreaming, 1.14. Riot Games has decided not to release any patch in the past month in order to preserve server stability for the Valorant First Strike. There was however a Patch 1.13, deployed discreetly to upgrade the game engine.

But with a month without any concrete new updates, you can expect a lot of new content right? Well, yes and no. There is very little balancing of Agents, weapons, or mechanics. On the other hand, Icebox is entitled to many adjustments that will make the difference.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.14:

  • Changes on Icebox
  • Some love for Sage
  • New mode: Snowball Fight
  • Changes in the access to competitive mode

Changes on Icebox

The Icebox map came out in a bit of a rush. Riot Games has accelerated its schedule in order to be able to offer 5 maps during the First Strike. As a result, Icebox is not yet in its final version and this week's patch changes a lot of things, especially around point A.

  • Point A access, on the Attackers' side
Changes to Icebox: Access to Point A
Defenders can now reach the Attackers' spawn from heights.
Changes to Icebox: Access to Point A
A one-way gate at ground level allows Attackers to enter from the right of point A.
  • Point A covers, Defenders' side
Changes to Icebox: Point A
The two crates at point A have been replaced with small boxes, removing the possible cover
Changes to Icebox: Point A
Defenders can no longer hide in the corner of point A, making assaults easier.
  • Long B containers
Changes to Icebox: Point B
The height of the containers has been reduced, making it easier to reach players perched on them.
It should also be easier to cast abilities over them.

Some love for Sage

Since her successive nerfs, everyone considers that Sage is dead. Yet, we saw her in leading roles during the First Strike. Never mind, the developers at Valorant are making small changes to its wall.

  • Sage can no longer cast the Barrier Orb during the purchase phase

This choice was originally a solution to fix an Omen-related bug, but it will be kept because it makes more sense, according to Riot.

  • Once fortified, the barrier only begins to lose health a few seconds before it disappears.

This should give Sage's wall a big of strength. It rewards players who use it at the best timing.

New mode: Snowball Fight

Valorant receives its first temporary and themed mode: the Snowball Fight! These are death matches where the players are quipped with snow cannons. Just touch an opponent to knock them down and win a point.

Here are the rules:

  • Death match in teams of 5 players
  • The first team to hit 50 opponents wins the game
  • Gifts bonuses appear randomly
  • Your bonuses drop if you die and can be picked up again

The fights will initially take place on a redecorated version of Icebox. Next week, all maps will be available with this game mode.

Valorant Patch 1.14: Snowball Fight

As announced last week, it will now be necessary to achieve 10 victories in the normal game to access the ranked games. This change is intended to reduce the impact of smurfers.

More information on this dedicated article.

Patch 1.14 also contains many changes to the game interface, the store and, of course, a series of fixes. You can see the full patch note on the official website of Valorant.

The Patch 1.14 will be deployed between 8th and 9th December.