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Valorant Patch Notes 1.10

The Valorant patch notes 1.10 are available! This patch marks the start of the third and final act of the first episode: Ignition. Riot Games has moved its schedule forward a bit in order to come up with a brand new map earlier than expected.

The release of a new map is a real event, but also a nest of bugs and problems. That's why this first patch focuses mainly on this map and the changes to the ranked games. There is no Agent or Weapon balancing this time.

As a reminder, Skye, Valorant new Agent, will be released in the next patch.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.10:

  • Icebox, Valorant new map
  • Changes to ranked games
  • Small additions that make the difference

Icebox, Valorant new map

We introduced it in detail last week, and you can play it tomorrow! Icebox, the Valorant ice map is available following patch 1.10.

In order to ensure the stability of the servers, Riot Games has decided to disable competitive mode for a while. But whatever happens, Icebox won't be playable in ranked matches until the next patch, schedule for 27th October.

Players will be able to familiarise themselves with the map in normal or custom games. In Classic mode, the chances of playing on Icebox have been greatly increased.

Check out our full overview of Icebox.

Changes to ranked games

As announced a few weeks ago, Riot Games is working hard on ranked games. The Act Badges and Ranks were only the first set of changes. The second wave comes with this patch 1.10.

  • It's now possible to choose your favourite game server.
  • The ranked gap in the same group is capped to 3 (compared to 6 so far).
  • The rank of Immortal and above players changes solely based on the end result of the game, and is no longer based on personal performance.

For more information on this, consult our dedicated article on the upcoming changes to ranked games.

Observer mode improvements

As always, the patch comes with quality of life improvements. There are loads of them in patch 1.10, but they focus almost exclusively on Observer mode.

These include the possibility of adding up to 12 observers in tournament mode as well as the possibility of "walking" for a more fluid camera movement. Observers will now be able to see the Spike's plant and defuse gauge without having to look at the point of view of the player interacting with the Spike. There are also new features to view the different teams' information.

All these modifications will not be superfluous for the launch of the Valorant First Strike, next month.

Patch 1.10 comes with a series of fixes. You can view the full patch notes on the official website of Valorant.