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Valorant Patch Notes 1.07

The Valorant Patch Notes 1.07 are rich in changes! The update comes after the Riot Games break, which ultimately amounts to two patches in one. A lot of Agents are changed there, and that should affect the pickrate of some of them.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.07:

  • A lot of Agents balances
  • Weapons update
  • An option to Remake games
  • New visual effects for hit registration

A lot of Agents balances

It's been a while since we've seen big changes to the various Agents. This time, there are 4 of them to be adjusted. This is Killjoy's first balancing patch.

Portrait of Sage Sage

Despite her decline in popularity, Sage remains a priority for Riot Games. The Agent is, according to them, " out of control ", and deserved to be reviewed. The Patch 1.07 brings her very big nerfs.

Healing Orb:

  • Heal reduced: 100 in 5 seconds >>> 60 in 5 seconds
  • Self-heal reduced: 100 in 5 seconds >>> 60 in 10 seconds

Slow Orb:

  • Size reduced by 30%.

Barrier Orb:

  • Cost reduced: 400 >>> 300
  • Fortification of the barrier: the wall is formed with 400 HP; after a 3 seconds delay, the wall goes to 800 HP.

The stated purpose of these changes is to make Sage much less efficient. We've told you about it before, but Sage's greatest strength is the reliability of her abilities that cannot fail. This is a quality that can't be separated from how her abilities work. The only way to nerf Sage at the moment is to decrease her impact.

Portrait of Killjoy Killjoy

Killjoy has just taken her first steps in the Ignition Series, but, without realising it, she's been available in Valorant for a month now. Everyone agrees on one point, the Nanoswarm is too powerful and needs to be nerfed. The Turret is no longer considered a player and will no longer be detected by Sova's arrow.


  • Added a brief windup before damage begins
  • Damage reduced from 60 >>> 40
  • Visual effects have been added to make it easier to spot the grenade on the ground. Stealth audio range has been slightly increased.


  • The Turret is no longer revealed by Sova’s Recon Bolt.
  • The Turret more effectively shoots at an enemy’s last known location.

These adjustments shouldn't change much to the character's viability or her essence. They mostly smooth the rough edges.

Portrait of Viper Viper

The developers have tried a lot of things to make Viper more attractive, without success. On an indicative basis, Viper wasn't selected once during the Ignition Series Pop Flash tournament, which was made up of 39 games.

In Patch 1.07, they decided to remove one of her features: the poison no longer affects allies. This is clearly the sticking point that prevented teams from selecting her. The poisoner could then finally be successful.


  • Decay on all smoke abilities no longer affects allies.

Toxic Screen:

  • Toxic Screen can now be placed during the buy phase of rounds, through spawn barriers.
  • Toxic Screen now goes up faster along it’s full length, once it starts to form.

Viper’s Pit:

  • The area of Viper’s Pit is now shown on her team’s minimap when deployed.

Portrait of Breach Breach

Breach is on the list of Agents to deeply review for a while. According to these patch notes, these changes are the first in a long series to make him more interesting.


  • Off-screen flashes now match behavior of other flashes in the game and apply a minimum amount of flash more aggressively.
  • Charges increased from 2 >>> 3
  • Reduced windup time: 0.6 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds

Rolling Thunder:

  • Detonation delay between blasts decreased: 0.3 >>> 0.255


  • Concuss now de-scopes players and prevents re-scoping.

These changes allow Breach players a lot more responsiveness and dynamism. Nothing incredible yet, but first changes are welcomed, especially regarding the 3 charges of Flashpoint.

Weapons update

Shotguns were the only items in the game to get changes in patch 1.06. It was, at that time, to correct their precision. The work continues, this time with modifications concerning their impact and the slowdown they impose on the opponents. In summary, shotgun shots over 10 meters will no longer slow opponents as much as other weapons.

In addition, 3 weapons are balanced:

The Shorty will be less efficient on a target over 7 meters (compared to 9 currently) and will do less damage to the head. This should encourage players to use it in close combat.

The Judge sees its price increase from 1500 credits to 1600 credits.

The Vandal gets two buffs. Its rate of fire increases (from 9.25 to 9.75), as does its damages (from 39 to 40). These buffs are surprising, as the weapon is probably one of the most popular in game.

An option to Remake games

We suspected it after the datamining last week, but it will now be possible to cancel games thanks to a /remake option.

If a player is disconnected at the start of a game (during the buy phase) and still hasn't returned at the end of the first round, a cancel vote can be launched at the start of the second round by typing /remake in the chat. All connected players who are part of the team that launched the vote can vote to cancel the game. The game will be cancel only if all connected players agree. The cancel vote will last throughout the buy phase; the vote expires if it's not passed before the end of the buy phase.

If the game's cancellation is voted unanimously, none of the players who voted will receive XP, nor lose or win MMR. The cancelled game will not appear in the game history. All disconnected players who didn't vote will have their MMR changed as if they lost the game, and they will receive the same penalty as if they had abandoned a full game.

This should help address one of the major issues with Valorant Ranked Games: AFKs. Players disconnected at the start of a game waste time and ranks for their teammates. All of this should now be mixed. However, if the player plays the first round before rage quitting, nothing changes.

New visual effects for hit registration

The hit registration in Valorant is a source of frustration since closed beta. In a recently published article, Riot Games explained that the problem didn't come from hit registration itself, but from the perception players had of it, due to visual effects.

In order to correct this point, the developers have reviewed the different impacts and light effects of fights. Small explosions that signal damage has been done will be different. Expect to be a bit confused at start.

The Patch 1.07 comes with the usual set of bug fixes and quality of life fixes.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.