Valorant Patch Notes 1.05

The patch 1.05 of Valorant is avalaible! This is the patch that launches theAct 2. This means that this new patch brings more content than it contains updates.

A new Agent, a new game mode, a new system for ranked games.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.05:

  • Killjoy shows up
  • Raze's nerf
  • New ranked system
  • New mode: Deathmatch

Killjoy shows up

New Agent: Killjoy - Valorant

The patch's most anticipated addition, of course, is Killjoy, the new Agent of Valorant! It may completely change the game's meta for months to come.

This Sentinel specialises in using all kinds of gadgets to control large areas and create disadvantageous timings for her opponents. Mines, turrets, and traps of all kings, you will have to be attentive and reactive not to be fooled!

Discover Killjoy's abilities.
How to counter Killjoy.

Raze's nerf

Patch Notes 1.05 of Valorant - valorant news raze banner -

Raze's nerf in patch 1.04 doesn't seem to have been enough, according to Riot. It now takes longer to equip the Showstopper (1.4 seconds instead of 1.1). The rocket launcher is also much more conspicuous when firing. These changes are meant to give Raze's opponents a little more time to react.

The Blast Pack also gets a pretty severe nerf. It now only deals 50 damage instead of 75. In return, it will necessarily inflict 600 damage to all objects caught in its explosive radius. Enough to make Raze a perfect Agent to counter Killjoy.

New ranked system

New Classified Party System

Valorant's ranking system will change dramatically. To the unique ranks will be added the Ranks of Act as well as Badges. Your regular rank will disappear at the start of each new Act, but your Act rank will still be visible.

To learn more, see our detailed article about the new ranks systems.

New mode: Deathmatch

Patch notes 1.05 of Valorant - valorant news combat a mort -

The Deathmatch is a new game mode that has been awaited since the launch of Valorant in beta. This mode is designed to let players relax or practice pure fight.

Ten players face off for 6 minutes in a death match. The first player to make 30 eliminations wins the game. There are still some subtleties.

The Agents are randomly selected, but their abilities are disabled in this game mode. So it's more about skins to differentiate players than anything else.

You can buy any weapon from the shop. You get a heavy armour at each respawn. When you kill an enemy, it leaves behind a health pack and ammo that immediately reloads your weapon.

Finally, all the enemies are periodically revealed on your map to avoid campers.

This game mode will only be available intermittently, its first activation being on Wednesday, 5th August.

Patch 1.05 should of course bring a brand new Battle Pass, as well as an Agent contract for Killjoy. There are also many bug and interface fixes.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.