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Valorant Patch Notes 1.03

Valorant Patch Notes 1.03 are available! A more timid patch, but which consolidates the modifications added during Patch Notes 1.02, especially concerning the Surrender.

Note that this is the first patch that doesn't change anything to the Agents. There's no modifications of the maps strictly speaking. Only the Guardian gets a proper balancing.

Key points to remember of Patch 1.03 :

  • The Guardian is more viable
  • Maps are no longer gruyere
  • A new interesting Orb for Spike Rush
  • Surrender adjustments

The Guardian is more viable

The Guardian had a real identity problem. Its price was very high, but its performance hardly rivalled that of other rifles. It has therefore been changed on several points.

Its price has therefore decreased in order to make it more affordable (from 2700 credits to 2500). Its rate of fire has been reduced in exchange for ahigher penetration of the environment. The Guardian therefore becomes a situational weapon which should find its users in small economies or in certain strategies.

Maps are no longer gruyere

For a few weeks, we've noticed many bugs allowing players or abilities to pass through decor. Recently, a bug even allowed Reyna to plant the Spike in an out-of-boundaries area that defenders could not reach, which forced Riot Games to disable Haven.

Developers reviewed all the four maps to plug all of the holes. It's also impossible to lose the Spike in a place where it can't be picked up.

A new interesting Orb for Spike Rush

The Spike Rush is still in beta and as with each new Patch Notes, we discover a new orb! This one is rather interesting.

TheTwin Hunters Orb releases two wolves chasing the two enemies who were closest to the orb at the time of capture. Wolves each have 150 HP and can be killed.

What is interesting it that it's a lot of work to model, animate and sound quadrupeds just for a secondary mode. Are these the resources of an abandoned Agent or the ability of a future one?

Surrender adjustments

The Surrender system first appeared during Patch 1.02. Riot Games decided to soften it, since it can now be launched in the 5th round. It's also enough that 80% of the players accept the surrender in Unrated mode to abandon the game (unanimity is still required in ranked games). A button has been added to the game menu to trigger the vote.

As you known, we're not sure that the surrender option is desirable in Valorant, so we're quite sceptical about everything that aims to facilitate it.

Finally, this Patch 1.03 fixes many bugs and improves quality of life in Valorant.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.