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Valorant Patch Notes 1.02

Here it is finally! Since we have been talking about it, Valorant Patch Notes 1.02 is upon us and it will be deployed during the night between 23rd and 24th June. This patch brings with it what many players have been asking for for a long time. The return of ranked games, an option to surrender, but also buffs for Viper!

Key points to remember of Patch 1.02 :

  • Ranked games are back!
  • An option to Surrender a game
  • Agents balances
  • Changes on all maps
  • Spike Rush adjustments
  • Interface improvements

Ranked games are back!

We were all waiting for them, Valorant ranked games are now back! Or almost. Riot Games will observe the state of the game for a few days after Patch 1.02 is deployed. If the servers are stable and there is no annoying bug, the ranked games will be activated.

As a reminder, ranked games get a few changes.

An option to Surrender a game

We weren't necessarily for it, but Riot had promised an option to Surrender, and here it is. It will now be possible to abandon a game by typing /ff in the in-game chat. Voting is subject to certain conditions.

  • Each team can launch ONE surrender vote per side.
  • It's impossible to launch a vote before Round 8.
  • If a player launch the vote during a round, the vote will take place during the buy phase of the next round.
  • The vote has to be unanimous!

A player just has to refuse the surrender for the vote to be cancelled. Of course, players who have left the game can't vote.

In case of surrender, the opposing team is directly awarded the 13 winning rounds. The losing team still receives experience from these abandoned rounds.

Agents balances

Portrait of Omen Viper

As seen yesterday, Viper is entitled to serious buffs in this Patch Notes 1.02. Her Toxic Screen now deploys through the walls of the map. Concretely, she can place it with much more freedom. It can very effectively isolate an entire side of the map thanks to this.

The Snake Bite now inflicts a "Fragility" alteration. Fragile enemies take more damage. The base damage of Snake Bite has been reduced to compensate for this effect, the total damage remaining the same.

These changes will allow Viper to become a first-class Defender. By isolating parts of the field and gaining a clear advantage in combat against enemy assaults, especially grouped, she should very easily find a place in the different compositions, from now on.

Portrait of Jett Cypher

Cypher's Cybercage hides the view of players passing through it for a shorter time. It's a change that should make it less difficult to get out of the cage.

Many bugs regarding the Spy Cam have also been fixed.

Portrait of Phoenix Phoenix

The official website lists this as modifications for Jett and Reyna, but they actually affect Phoenix. If Phoenix dies while using his Ultimate, Revenge, Jett will now recover Blade Storm, and Reyna can pick up an orb.

It's a huge buff for Reyna in a fight against Phoenix, since she can technically take advantage of two kills on Phoenix to recover her health. She can also take advantage of the first kill to facilitate the second. In short, on that one, Phoenix is the loser.

Portrait of Sage Sage

Nope. Nothing. It's the first time that there is no changes for Sage in a patch. Sounds weird, huh?

Changes on all maps

The four Valorant maps have been adjusted to better regulate the flow of fights. Many spaces have been resized to improve or reduce the viewing angles. Barrels and crates were added to fill the corners where players could too easily surprise their opponents.

Changes on Haven
Changes on Haven
Changes on Ascent
Changes on Ascent
Changes on Bind
Changes on Bind
Changes to Split
Changes on Split

You can see the details on official Patch Notes.

Spike Rush adjustments.

Spike Rush mode is entitled to many adjustments to its orbs. There is also a newcomer: Tracer Orb.

This orb buffs your entire team. It doubles the penetration of shots in walls and reveals to your allies the enemies hit by your shots.

Our guide on master the penetration of shots through walls.
Changes of Spike Rush orbs are on the official website.

Interface improvements

The Valorant user interface gets big changes, once again. The main menu of the game has been reviewed to make the layout of the different elements more coherent. You should also notice changes in the interface and visuals regarding missions, contracts, and battle pass.

As always, this patch 1.02 fixes many bugs and improves the quality of life on Valorant.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.