Valorant Patch Notes 1.0

Here we are! Valorant enters version 1.0, the official launch version. No more beta, serious things begin! This patch corresponds to the opening of games servers to the public. It brings of course a lot of bug fixes. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing interesting to discover in these Patch Notes for those who had already played beta, far from it!

Key points to remember from this Patch 1.0:

  • New elements in game!
  • Agents balances
  • Changes on Split
  • Ultimate Points changes
  • Punishments for problematic behaviours
  • Correction of shot recordings and framerate

New elements in game!

Portrait of Reyna

The release of Valorant marks the arrival of many things! Of course, there's Reyna, a new Agent from Mexico. There's also the new map, Ascent, that we've been waiting for since the beta started. The new game mode, Feel The RushIt is also becoming clearer. Each of these three elements will be the subject of a detailed article in the near future.

There are also new skins, new gunbuddies, improvements of the game interface and menus, and a lot of great details.

Agents balances.

Portrait of Omen Omen

As announced a few weeks ago, Omen have had deep changes. Paraonia is now equipped before launched, which makes it more proactive than reactive. The mechanics to launch Dark Veil have been reviewed. Omen now sees through walls (but not the other Agents), which should allow him to place his smoke bombs more easily. Shrouded Step and From The Shadows also get some changes to make them easier to use. From The Shadows can even be cancelled while in use.

Portrait of Sage Sage

Sage's omnipresence has been an issue throughout the beta. Riot Games has decided to give her a new battery of nerfs to make her less effective, if not less essential. The Orb of Healing is available less often (45 seconds of recovery instead of 35). The Barrier Orb's wall is more fragile (800 HP instead of 1000) and lasts less time (30 seconds instead of 40 seconds).

Portrait of Jett Jett

Despite a fairly high initial popularity, Jett has started to show some weaknesses, especially when it comes to teamplay. By increasing the duration of her Cloudburst (7 seconds instead of 4), she should now bring a little more utility overall. In addition, she is now able to break the Trap Wires of Cypher.

Portrait of Phoenix Phoenix

Phoenix gradually joined Viper at the bottom of tier lists. His solo qualities are undeniable, but Valorant being a team game, he has trouble finding his fans on the competitive scene. He receives a few small buffs on the effect duration of Blaze (8 seconds instead of 6) and Curveball (1.1 seconds instead of 0.8). Damage and health points given from Blaze and Hot Hands have also been reajusted, much like the area of effect abilities in patch 0.50.

Changes on Split.

The main corridor leading to site B of Split has been restructured. Demolishers knocked down one of the walls, creating a small terrace, a greater access and above all more visibility for Attackers.

Ultimate points for direct eliminations

Until now, players get an Ultimate point each time they died, whatever the reason. This is no longer possible and only direct eliminations from opponents will give you a point. You will not have an Ultimate point when the Spike explodes or when you suicide anymore.

Some teammates would even kill each other to prevent opponents from gaining ultimate points and credits while gaining points on their own. This is no longer possible.

Punishments for problematic behaviours.

Valorant: Anti-cheat and toxicity

Riot Games announced it from the start, cheaters and problematic players will not be tolerated on Valorant. The ban system, hitherto manual, has become automatic. It's also possible to report other players with unacceptable or non-fairplay behaviours. Unpleasant players will be forced to log out of the game for a few minutes and may be subject to chat restrictions for up to 72 hours.

We remind you that Valorant is a team game and that's in your best interest to get along with your teammates, whatever the circumstances. It's our responsibility as a community.

Fixed shot recordings and framerate.

Hit Reg problem on Valorant

The last weeks of beta highlighted several issues that were becoming very bothersome. Especially hit registrations which caused confusion in fights when a player experienced lag. Both of these problems have largely been corrected, but Riot warned that everything is not perfect yet. You might then still see a player crouching while they're really standing, and vice versa. The problem will be fixed in a hotfix shortly.

Of course, this patch 1.0 brings dozen of bug fixes of all kinds, improving performance or interface (goodbye Viper's rocket-boost). We also discover animations at the selection of Agents and other pretty cool surprises.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.