Valorant Patch Notes 0.50

Riot Games has just released the notes for Valorant Patch 0.50, and beware, it’s pretty full! The game is still in beta, the developers then take the opportunity to make many adjustments, some eagerly awaited, other perhaps a little more feared.

Key points to remember of Patch 0.50:

  • All the weapons have been changed.
  • Agent’s nerfs and buffs.
  • Modifications in the shop.
  • Loads of adjustments.

All the weapons have been changed.

Valorant Patch 0.50: Change in accuracy

This is probably the point that will divide the players the most. Weapons being at the heart of the gameplay, changing the way they work amounts to changing the game and its sentations. The precision mechanics of the weapons have been changed, especially while moving. Weapons are now less accurate when you walk. On the other hand, maximum precision is activated faster when you interrupt your movements. This should be particularly useful for those used to counter-strafe.

To these changes are added numerous readjustments of weapons, in particular automatic rifles. The purpose of Riot Games could be to make tap and short burst firing more viable.

For more details about each weapon, we invite you to consult the official website.

Agent’s nerfs and buffs.

Valorant Patch 0.50: Buff and Nerve

Sage and Cypher both received nerfs. This isn’t particularly surprising, considering how these two Agents largely dominate the others in terms of selection and efficiency. Other Agents got balanced, even small buffs.

Let’s see Sage’s case first. Her Slow Orb will now be effective for a shorter time (7 seconds instead of 9 seconds) and its slow is reduced (50% slow instead of 65%). Sage’s abilities have also been changed, but we’ll come back to that later.

Cypher’s Cyber Cages no longer slow down opponents who pass through them. The developers believe that Cypher should above all being an Agent who takes information rather than an Agent who controls his opponents. In addition, the reuse time of his Spy Cam has greatly been increased (45 seconds instead of 30 seconds). The goal is to force Cypher players to better protect their Cams.

Omen’s Dark Cover has undergone many modifications. Its speed has been increased, which will allow it to be used a little more reactively. Dark Cover now remains active longer (15 seconds instead of 12 seconds), which should make it more effective, while compensating for the delay difference resulting from the speed change of the projectile.

As for Viper, despite her unpopularity, she only got a small adjustment. The range of her Snake Bite has been increased.

Modifications in the shop.

Valorant Patch 0.50: Shop

Players can’t earn more than 9000 credits, up from 12,000 previously. The goal is to limit the snowball effect which provides a comfortable safety net for teams that have won many rounds. The different in credits between two teams is therefore more limited.

The armor you had in a previous round is no longer destroyed when you buy a new one. If you have a new armor, you can resell it and get the armor you had in the previous round.

Another way to affect an Agent’s power is to simply change the cost of their ability in the shop. And on that side, there have been a lot of changes.

  • Brimstone: The Inciendary now costs 300 credits (instead of 200)
  • Jett: Updraft now costs 100 credits (instead of 200)
  • Phoenix: Curve Ball now costs 200 credits (instead of 100)
  • Raze: Blast Pack now costs 200 credits (instead of 100)
  • Sage: Barrier Orb now costs 400 credits (instead of 300)

Loads of adjustments.

Valorant Patch 0.50: Adjustments

Patch 0.50 also brings many adjustments. Puddle-based abilities such as Brimstone’s Icendiary, Phoenix’s Hot Hands and Viper’s Snake Bite now damage faster (damage per second remains unchanged). They also work higher above the ground. The stated purpose is to counter Bunny Hopping, which could almost nullify the effects of these abilities.

Every map has been updated to prevent Cypher from placing cameras in places where his opponents couldn’t destroy it.

If a player carrying the spike dies on an obstacle, the Spike now falls on the ground in order not to block the game.

Split’s Buy Phase barriers have been moved. Some are further, some are closer. It looks like nothing, but it can change every attack and interception timing on the map.

As usual, this new patch also brings a multitude of interface adjustments as well as bug fixes. We invite you to read the official Valorant Patch Notes to see the details.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official website of Valorant.