Valorant patch notes 8.11

Like Riot Games explained several weeks ago, patch 8.11 is the last big patch before Valorant Champions, as the studio wants pro players to have enough time to adapt to all the adjustments. And changes, there are plenty of them on Duelists. This new update also marks the arrival of the new map, called Abyss.

Key points to remember about this 8.11 patch:

  • The new map, Abyss, has been added to the map pool
  • The map-pool changes
  • Balancing Duelists
  • Clove kit gets a facelift

Abyss, the first borderless map

Abyss is a secret base of the Scions of Hourglass organisation. The map comprises two sites and a fairly well-developed central zone. You can find all the details in our article Abyss, the new map from Valorant.

The full tour of the Abyss map

It brings a number of new features never before seen in Valorant : small plots of detached land the rest of the map and the absence of borders. This means that it is quite possible to die from a fall!

Map rotation

This new patch changes the map pool for the Ranked Game, Deathmatch and Premier lanes. Knowing that Breeze and Split are releasedThe maps available are as follows:

  • Ascent,
  • Bind,
  • Icebox,
  • Lotus,
  • Sunset,
  • Haven.

If Abyss will indeed be available as soon as patch 8.11 is deployed in all other game modes, but you'll have to wait for patch 9.00 to make it accessible in ranked and patch 9.02 to see it in Premier mode.

A number of Duelists are undergoing adjustments

Patch notes 8.11 for Valorant - mandatory valorant database portrait agent iso -
Portrait of Néon
Portrait of Reyna
Portrait of Raze

As announced last week, the skill sets of Iso, Neon, Reyna and Raze have been adjusted. The aim of Riot Games was to " allow other duelists to compete with Agents like Jett and Raze, who excel at taking up space for their team thanks to their speed and mobility".. You can find full details of all the changes at :

-> the article dedicated to the changes in patch 8.11 <-

Iso is one of the most under-performing Duelists at any level. As a result, the studio wanted to make it more efficientThis was particularly the case when it came to taking up contested spaces and winning duels.

The objectives of the changes to Neon are crystal clear: make it combat-ready when it slides over enemies and quickly penetrates enemy lines.

As for Raze, it's its explosive pack which has been reworked. Riot Games wants to retain its ability to take up space thanks to the double satchel, but offer opponents a better opportunity to counter it.

As for Reyna, she is the subject of both buffs and nerfs. The aim of all the adjustments is to reduce dominance that it can have in the Classified parts, more particularly in the lower ranks, while allowing it to become more relevant to team play.

Clove must remain a Controller

Patch notes 8.11 for Valorant - mandatory valorant database portrait agent clove -

The studio is also taking advantage of patch 8.11 to Make a few adjustments to Clove. Why is this? Quite simply because, after two months of use by players, the studio realised that the Controller was more effective than it had expected.

The aim is to balance its kit so that it better matches its role.

About us Boost:

  • The cost will increase from 100 to 200 credits,
  • The duration will be reduced from 10s to 8s,
  • The activation time for assistance will be reduced from 10s to 6s,

About us Still standing:

  • The ultimate will cost 1 extra point (8 instead of 7),
  • The time taken to de-equip the spell will increase from 0.7s to 0.8s,

The developers have also taken the opportunity to provide a range of information about the launch of Valorant on consoles. The full 8.11 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 June.

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